Kenny Wood Park Shooting What Happened Suspect & Motive Explained

Pittsburgh officers said that they were at the location of an alleged shooting near West Mifflin’s Kenny Wood Park. Let’s take a closer look at Kenny Wood Park firing a gun today and what transpired in detail.

What Happened In Kenny Wood Park?

Officers stated early on Sunday that many people had been fired in the Kenny Wood Park in West Mifflin late Saturday night. In their haste to flee the shooting, the officers sustained “trample wounds.” Allegheny Sheriff’s Department said three shootings occurred in the park beside the Music Express ride in the “Lost Kenny Wood” section.

The incidents occurred at 10:50 p.m. in front of the Musik Express ride in the Lost Kennywood portion of the park as a response to “an issue” between 2 young man groups, as per sheriff’s department chief Christopher Kearns.

What Happened To The Victims?

The incident has claimed the lives of three people. A 15-year-old boy was wounded and is being hospitalized at Children’s Hospital, while a second elderly man was fired, healed, and discharged. A third gunshot victim came to McKee Sports Hospital by themselves and is being treated.

What Happened In Kenny Wood Park What Happened To The Victims

Who Was The Suspect?

According to Superintendent. Kearns, a young Black man was wanted in relation to the crime. He described the guy as wearing a black sweatshirt and a black face mask. As visitors walked into the park, they were inspected at security checkpoints; authorities are wondering how the gunman succeeded to get his gun past the guards.

As per authorities, the park was guarded on Saturday night by 5 county policemen, 2 West Mifflin officers, and Kennywood internal security.

West Mifflin Police Commander Greg McCulloch stated that his police assisted one of the people who were shot and requested assistance with the others. He also stated that his cops assisted in escorting attendees out of the park.

The news of the gunshots prompted a large police response, with policemen from all around the county coming to the vast amusement park. First, county officers confirmed that there was “an issue” in the park. The Pittsburgh Public Security Department later tweeted that municipal police were aiding in the reaction to gunshots.

About Police investigation 

Authorities claimed to have found one firearm on the Kennywood premises. When a “mass shooting incident” was declared, EMS units from Allegheny and Westmoreland county were deployed to the park. Allegheny Sheriff’s Department is handling the inquiry with West Mifflin Officers.

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