Jannat Mirza, age, boyfriend, viral TikTok video

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Jannat Mirza is a well-known fashion model, actress, social media influencer, Instagram personality, TikTok star, media face, YouTuber, content creator and entrepreneur from Shah Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. On August 11, 1997, he was born. He is 26 years old this year (as of 2023).

This beautiful performer’s amazing lip-syncing videos on TikTok are well known in the country. As a fashion designer, she has also modeled for many local brands. Sources also reported her appearance in some commercials and music videos. Follow our website, www.alltrendyposts.com for latest updates!!!!!

The young and talented Jannat Mirza, born in Faisalabad, attended an art college and then moved to Japan to continue his education. Jannat in his essay “Be honest than impressing” claims that being honest is more important than impressing someone.

Jannat Mirza is undoubtedly a beautiful young lady. He keeps sending pictures to his followers to share. Many pictures of Jannat have been shared through her social media accounts. With more than 17.5 million followers and 488 million likes, Jannat Mirza is the most well-known TikTok celebrity in Pakistan. Here are some amazing photos of her.

Family of Jannat Mirza

He comes from a family with a good name and much education. Sehar Mirza and Alishba Anjum are Jannat’s two sisters. Alishba Anjum’s sister is a well-known Tik Tok star, and Saif Khan, Alishba’s cousin, posts videos on the app. His elder sister Sehar Mirza studied CSS. Sehar said in a recent interview that she prefers to read news and not pay attention and has no intention of making videos for TikTok. He is now a CSS optimist. TikTok videos are created by Jannat Mirza and her sister Alishba Anjum. The three have made great movies together, and Mirza’s close friend Sehar Hayat is a Tiktok.

Jannat Mirza’s journey

Jannat Mirza started his career as a TikTok content creator. With every move she makes, more and more people fall in love with her facial expressions and the awesome lip-sync videos she makes. He quickly gained popularity as a TikToker. He always likes to do such movies. Jannat started trying to become an actress after her TikTok videos got a lot of attention. She agreed to do her first job as a model. He was first seen in Sarmad Qadir’s song “Shair”. The song has over 18 million views on YouTube. Jannat did a great job with his song “Shire”. He has worked with Ali Josh in the film Shayar.

List of Jannat Mirza movies

Pakistan’s famous TikTok user Jannat Mirza will soon start acting in Punjabi movie Tere Bajre Di Rakhi. On Instagram, Jannat Mirza shared the news of her film debut. Tere Bajre Di Rakhi is directed by Syed Noor and features well-known actors like Saima, Salim Albela, Shafqat Cheema, Mustafa Qureshi and many more. Jannat has to take over the big screen.

Jannat Mirza got angry when people said bad things about the poster of the movie. He said, people should not belittle the work of others. He continued to tell everyone.

Jannat Mirza sister

Alishba Anjum Jannat Mirza’s cute sister. She is a model and actress. People know her for her good looks, seductive eyes and charming smile. She has many fans because she has good morals and good sense of style. He makes videos for the TikTok app with his sister and other friends. She is one of the most beautiful and well-liked girls on TikTok. He is from Pakistan. She has also worked in many modeling projects. He is famous for both his funny videos and his lip-syncing on Tik. She posted photos of herself modeling Se*Jest outfits on Instagram. He worked hard to reach his goal of appearing in Pakistani movies and TV shows.

Jannat Mirza name when she was married, engaged or dating

She always posts pictures of herself and her boyfriend Umar Fayyaz Butt. Mirza only told them about Baat Pakki. This is great news. Since Jannat confirmed the rumors about their “Baat Paki”, they became well known. Last May, there were rumors on social media that they were getting married. Jannat denied these rumors and said that he will tell everyone the truth.

When it happened, when Jannat posted a picture of herself and her partner, people always said how much they liked them. When a fan recently asked him about his marriage, he said, “Inshallah, when I complete my BS degree, I will also get married.” He doesn’t plan to get married soon before he finishes school. He will finish school in two years.

Jannat Mirza is a clothing brand

Jannat Mirza’s fans love her great style and ability to look good, no matter what she wears. With the help of his sister and best friend, Jannat Mirza started his own business. Their business is called EUNOIA by SJA. S stands for his friend Sehar, A stands for Alishba and J stands for Jannat. Many people, especially young women, look to heaven. Jannat opened her business because people wanted to dress like her. Women can’t get enough of his beautiful collection.

Jannat Mirza’s face

Although Jannat Mirza prefers to wear western clothes, she looks just as good in eastern clothes. She is the most beautiful and perfect person in the world. Jannat has a great sense of style and it shows in the way she started her brand. This beauty also went into fashion design. With the help of his sister and a friend, he created a brand.

Jannat Mirza wedding pictures in high definition Jannat Mirza has worked with her sister on many bridal photoshoots. She looks beautiful in her wedding dress. She was just married and worked in a shisha salon. She is a well-known style icon. She goes to school and has a successful acting and modeling career at the same time. Check out these beautiful pictures of Jannat Mirza.

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