Imli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast, Release Date & Watch Online

On the official Ullu app, you can watch the full sixth episode of the web series Jane Anjaan Mei online. Fans and critics of the web series have praised the presentation of the show. On December 20, 2022, the first three episodes of the comedy-drama series were released. For their captivating storytelling and captivating performances, the previous Ullu web series was praised by fans.

Jinni Jaaz and Pihu Singh play lead roles in the web series Jain Anjan May 6 Part 1. The web series Jain Anjan May 6 Part 1 has five to six episodes, each lasting 25 to 30 minutes. The entire Jaane Anjaane May 6 Part 1 web series is available to stream online on Ullu App. Earlier, Nehal Vadoliya played an important role in Ullu App’s Imli web series. One of the Ullu web series featuring Genie Jazz in the lead role is Jane Anjane Mein.

Cast of May 6 in Anjane web series

Genie Jazz as Chandni
Dev Dehman as Jeth Ji
Anmol Jain as the husband
Gaurav Rajput as Suresh
Pihu as Meena
Farhan Khan as nephew
Asif as a doctor

Jaane Anjaane Me’s Web Series Episode 1

Episode 1 Web Series Jane Unjaan May 6 Part 1 Genie begins with Jazz getting ready for her daily work. He called her nephew in the video and had some juicy, interesting tidbits to share. Later, we witness Ginny Judge and her husband in a very romantic scene.

Jane Anjane May web series has become one of the most popular series on Ullu app thanks to Genie Jazz. Ironically, Genie Jazz was first introduced to us through this series and after the premiere of Jane Unjaan May web series, she became instantly famous.

Genie Jazz appeared in the first few seasons with Deepak Dutt Sharma. The web series Jane Anjaane May may now be referred to as the Genie Jazz Program. By adding a romantic subplot involving Genie Jazz and an elderly man, the web series retains its USP.

Dev Dehman has played the role of Jeth Ji in the web series. He enters Genie Jaz’s house to seek treatment. He started sleepwalking due to a sleep disorder.

Moreover, Main 6 web series Jain Anjane episode 2 introduced us to Suresh, a new character. His relationship with Genie Jazz is a fun tease as their clothes cling to each other. Watch Anjane May web series in full to know what transforms or what it means.

The final cliffhanger of Genie Unjaan May 6 Part 1 Episode 3 is when Jeeth Ji sees Genie romancing Jazz with her husband. Additionally, there is an interesting and interesting sequence of maid Meena and servant Suresh portrayed by Pihu Singh.

The full Jane Anjaan Part 1 web series was released on May 6, but episode 3 is the best as it features Genie Jazz and Pihu Singh in new roles. Ullu guarantees that Jane Anjane will release a brand new, impressive web series comparable to May 6 Part 1.

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