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James Cameron on Leonardo DiCaprio’s death in ‘Titanic’: ‘Jack could have survived’

the titanic After 25 years, the director admitted that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack could live with Kate Winslet’s Rose.

Its mental ending the titanic Launched in 1997, a question was raised at this point if Jack could possibly be saved on the picket raft with Rose.

To find the answer, there is footage of Cameron and a staff of scientific experts conducting an experiment.

The test was done for The Nationwide Geographic Titanic: 25 Years Later with James CameronWhich is scheduled to stream in the United States on February 5, 2023

In the footage, Cameron and the crew recreated the long scene to look at separate events to find out if Jack could adjust the door without drowning or freezing her or Rose.

“Now we’ve run a scientific test to relax this whole factor and run a bet through its coronary heart as soon as and for all,” Cameron instructed. Postmedia Again in December.

Although, at this point, the 68-year-old director admitted that he felt “there’s no way they’re all going to survive”, now it seems he’s made a special statement on the TV program itself.

A clip from the documentary option shows him working with scientists in addition to two stunt actors with identical body mass as the film’s precise lead tests numerous theories.

“Jack and Rose are able to get on the raft, but now they’re each in harm’s way of the freezing water,” Cameron blurts out after an initial look, which sees them each scrambling to the door.

The next scene shows each actor in a particular spot on the door-cum-raft, their bodies – and vital organs – being lifted out of the water, ensuring a possible end.

“Out of the water, [his body’s] Violent tremors were serving him. Projecting it, he made it fairly long. Like, hours,” Cameron admits.

In the last look, the staff is determined to recreate the scene from the beginning, with stand-ins performing everything that brings Jack and Rose closer to the real situation before they discover the door.

Rose additionally presents her lifejacket to Jack to help save him, leading to an optimistic ending to the present day.

“He got a place if we projected it, but he could make it until he got the lifeboat,” Cameron explained to the digicam.

“Jack might survive, but there are too many variables.”

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