Jerusha Rai, a well-known Nepalese musician, is now getting attention on social media platforms after her missing became public. News of her absence has become viral. Because no one could have predicted that one day their faces would clash with such tragic news in such a way. As a result, her fans are waging a search for her, spreading information about her as well as her photo on social networking sites. All you need to learn, as well as some hidden information, may be found below.

According to exclusive news or officials, Jerusha Rai was last observed on Thursday at her home, but her cell phone and a letter were discovered there. As a result, her family notified the authorities of the occurrence and encouraged them to take urgent action. So that if someone is responsible for her absence, they can apprehend the perpetrator. Even though her family asked that everyone notify them if they get a glimpse of Rai. Among all of this, she was recently observed at Sundarighat on Friday morning, as CCTV evidence shows, at the moment when she gave it a different appearance.


Jerusha Rai is seen going alone in the CCTV clip she wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Since the tape was released, the matter has gained traction to the point that the sheriff’s office is conducting an inquiry and scouring the whole region of Lalitpur and Sundarighat. The police departments of Kathmandu and Lalitpur are currently searching for her and hope to find her shortly. However, the CCTV footage revealed that nothing catastrophic had occurred to her.

Many people are looking forward to getting to know Jerusha a little better now that her personal life is still being discussed widely. So she is a famous musician and music producer who is only 30 years old and has a long list of successes to her name. She began her career in 2011, and as soon as she released the superhit tunes, her career soared. So we have provided such information that has been collected from other authorities, and as soon as we get something, we will inform you. So stay connected for more, and be sure to follow Alltrendyposts.

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