Indian Idol 13 11th September 2022 Written Update, Auditions, Episode 2

As we know the amazing show has been started on SonyTV. Yes, We are talking about Indian Idol on the 13th. As we know this is an amazing reality show singing. We have seen several singers take their place in the singing industry from this stage. This is the stage where a singer can complete their dreams from this stage, which a singer and want to complete. People curiously wait for its new season now the amazing season has come to entertain people. Defenitely, this season will be amazing as their previous season.

The show will be outstanding because people love the show and their views will take it on a high TRP. This show is superb and delightful. You will have all types of contestants who have unique and different voices, which will attract the audience. Season 3 will start this weekend. The show will start with auditions. If we talk about the judges of the show are amazing stars, Neha Kakar, Himesh Reshammiya, and Vishal Dadlani. They all are legends of the music industry and they have an amazing sense to find the best voice. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the upcoming episode.

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According to the promo videos of 11 Sep 2022, Judges will show the winner’s trophy to all the contestants. Every participant for the audition aspires to win that trophy and make a name for himself. This will be a very inspiring moment for the contestants. you will see this in the upcoming episode, a contestant Rishi Singh will sing amazingly in the audition and will impress the judges with his aspiring vocal. He will “Phela Phela Pyar Hai” All the judges will give him a standing ovation. Himesh and other judges will praise him.

According to another promo video, Navdeep Wadali from Amritsar will sing amazingly and he will make the atmosphere of the stage and attract all the judges with his magical voice. Vishal will say he wants to give respect to his talent to put-out shoes. Neha says his singing has given goosebumps to her. All the judges will give a standing ovation. They will sit with him and Navdeep will sing “Tu Mane Ya Na Mane DilDara”.

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this weekend features a contestant from Kolkata, Bidipta Chakraborty. Bidipta’s vocals amazingly impress the judges as they praise the innocence in her singing. Further, you will see in the show that contestants will sing amazingly and he will sing “E Zindgi Gale Laga Le” All the judges will praise him. Himesh will praise him to say that he touches all the notes of the singing. You can watch the entire episode on Sony TV at 8 Pm. Stay tuned for more updates.

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