In the written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on January 24, 2023, Akshu saves Abhi.

The 24th January 2023 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode will be available on

The episode begins with Manjiri crying over Neil’s picture. She questions how he learned to feel lonely in a crowd. Abhi claims he can still feel lonely, even though he is surrounded by people. He orders Aksu to hurry home and when asked to sing, Abhi claims he will become mute. Neela then starts to sing and dance, while Abhir walks around. Abhi hugs her and they all laugh together. Abhi then shows his dance moves to Abhinav.

Muskaan invites Abhi to come back and dance. Abhi claims that he is not as sick as he seems and Akshua suggests that the marriage should end quickly. Neela then shows the earrings given to her by Akshay and Abhi claims he will be busy with work. Abhinav then offers to get him an espresso and Abhi comments that he can produce a cardiac signal in the coffee.

When Akshay goes outside, he discovers that someone is tampering with the wires to steal electricity. Abhi notices them and goes to beat them. Aksu believes he is just like Abhi and appears with a stick to insult them. After apologizing, the goons leave. Abhi notices that Aksu has a lot of anger and wonders when he first starts fighting.

Shefali then gives Parth a file, which Mahima finds him ineffective for. When Abhi tries the food, Shefali likes it and Abhi is seen eating a sweet potato. Abhinav questions what happened and Abhi claims he is allergic to candy potatoes. Anshu then leaves and Abhi wonders why it is taking so long to forget him.

The episode ends with Abhi questioning why he is being ignored and forgotten.

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