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Imli remembers Chini’s words. She thinks she has crossed all the lines, what will she do next? She hears the news where Chini is giving an interview about her wedding to Artaud. Imli feels disgusted seeing her drama. Artaud goes to the police station and Kia tells China that he has already left. Chini says Artaud has no choice but to marry him. As they both will be trending on the news channel tomorrow. Rudra talks to the police officer with his lawyer. They say they have no evidence that she really tried to commit suicide. Kop says that without the psychologist’s report, they won’t be able to release Imli.

Arto looks sadly at Imli. He approaches her and asks how she is? He asks how did she fall? Imli tells how Chini pushed her from the balcony. Artaud loses his cool, saying he won’t begrudge China for stooping so low. Imli doesn’t let him go, saying that Sita Maya won’t let her stay in the castle for long. Everything will be fine in the end. Artaud says they have no evidence against China either. Imli assures him to keep the faith. Sundar tells Imla that a psychologist will come to ask her questions. She is getting ready. Artaud says that if she does not come to the wedding. She says anyway he will sit in the mandap.

Imli tells the psychologist that she didn’t try to commit suicide, and he asks if her in-laws or her husband are torturing her. Imli says she feels happy when he is around her. The doctor says if she can live without him. She says it will be like living without breathing. She is about to say that she loves Artaud very much, but then she controls her emotions. Imli is waiting for her report to come or else she won’t be able to get out of the castle. Arto waits for her arrival and Rudra advises him to end the wedding drama if Imli doesn’t return on time. Arto feels that Imli is not here but she has sent Sita Maya to help him.

Artaud tells Cina that he cannot marry her. He has many doubts and he cannot marry with all these doubts. He says he is angry with Imla and Chini also dumped him and was going to marry Abhishek. While he will believe that Chini will make an effort for him. Cheney believes she even staged a suicide drama to win him over. She tells Artaud that she loves him and would do anything to make him happy.

Arto waits for Imli in the mandap and Chini comes with a happy face. She sits next to Artaud. Artaud feels anxious, and Anu tries to tie the knot. Imli comes back and says she is still Arto’s wife and Chini can’t marry a married man. Reporters surround Imli. Chini says that Imli has even signed the divorce papers. Artaud shows her the documents, and Chini is shocked that there are no signs.

Beginning: Imli says she loves Artaud and would do anything for him. Chini says she also faked suicide to win him over. She wanted to throw Imli out of the house. Everyone was shocked to hear Cheena’s confession.

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