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Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Abhishek tells Atharva that a friend is someone who supports him during his problems and good times. Atharva says the one who keeps him from falling on difficult paths, the one who shares his tears and her happiness. Abhishek says that for him it is Imli, he is lucky to have Imli in his life and hopes that Abhishek and Chini can also become such good friends, suggests Atharvi to realize this and move on. Atharva thinks that Imli is sure that only he should make the decision, Chini is sure about who she wants to spend her life with and even Abhishek is sure that he will be happy with Chini after marriage. Imli looks for Abhishek to reveal the truth about Chini to him. Chini goes to Atharva and says Sindhur was supposed to fall on them during the pooja, why did he drag Imli between them, he should tell everyone about their love. Atharva says he is still confused and asks what changed overnight. She says that one night is enough for two lovers to live a life, he should tell everyone about their love. Atharva asks if she has gone mad.

She says yes, grabs his phone, tells the whole family to gather in the living room, and asks him to leave, express his love to her, and let go of his fear. Atharva leaves. Chini thinks she sent the message to everyone except Imli as she doesn’t want her to spoil her plan. The whole family gathers in the living room. Imli while searching for Abhishek notices them and wonders if Chini is up to something. Abhishek’s parents ask Rudra why Rudra gathered everyone in the living room. Atharva sys he wants to tell them something. Chini feels happy thinking that Atharva will shock everyone by accepting his love for her. Rudra and everyone ask Atharva why he gathered them all here. Atharva starts the music and gets everyone to dance. Imli asks if he called everyone to dance. She says that you don’t need to question, but just dance when the music plays and pulls her to dance. Chini angrily leaves. Abhishke stops her and dances with her. She takes out her frustration on him and leaves.

Imli thinks she should tell the truth to Chinna at least to Rupala, Sundar or Arpita and tells Rupala that they want to talk to her about Atharva and Chinna. Rupali says she doesn’t hear anything. Abhishek hears this and takes her aside. She says she wants to tell her something about Chini. Abhishek says he is happy with Chini so Imla need not worry about them. Imli says he should face reality. Abhishek says every couple is not perfect and has some other problems like even Imli and Atharva. Imli does her best but Abhishek is not ready to listen and leaves. Chini returns to Atharva and asks why he didn’t inform the family about them. Atharva says she forcefully messaged them and he is not sure about her. She begins emotional blackmail and tries to convince him that he loves her and they are meant for each other. Atharva refuses. She insists that he dance with her during the cocktail party with Abhishek. Atharva says everyone will be there. She continues her emotional blackmail and convinces him to think only of them.

The next morning, Imli goes to get juice and Chini has breakfast. Chini taunts her that she will soon break Atharva away from Imli. Imli taunts her that she got jealous seeing the sindoor falling on her and Atharva, it’s God’s sign and she accepts it. Chini says it’s just the color red. Imli challenges her to protect Atharva from her. Chini says there are still many pre-wedding rituals left, just wait and see what she can do. Imli collects her bread and says that she has given up her hobby of waiting. Chini thinks she will show Imla what she can do today during the party. In the evening, Imli comes home after work and thinks that she will spend the whole day finding out what happened at home. She finds Chini and Abhishek’s invitation to a Pagdandiya themed party. She thinks when Chini hates the village why did she choose the village theme. She goes to Atharva’s room to find out but does not find him. She then goes to Rathors room and finds them busy. She asks Shivani who shouts at her. She then questions Ginny, who says it’s an official topic. She thinks Pagdandiya’s dress is the best fit then. Chini believes that Imli is in for a humiliation tonight.

Beginning: Imli tells Atharva that it’s time to leave his life forever. Chini tells Atharva that today is her and Abhishek’s wedding, they will be separated forever if he doesn’t react. Atharva looks at both of them and thinks he knows what to do.

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