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Imli stays awake worrying about Atharva and goes for a walk. She notices smoke coming from Atharva’s room and runs in to save him. He hugs her tightly and says that he feels good as she entered. Imli offers him water and asks how did this happen. He says he doesn’t know. She notices the heater is on and unplugs it, remembering how Shivani suggested Chinna leave a bucket of water in the room with the heater for hydration. Imli looks like she has a cold and is coughing and tells Anu over the phone that she will easily fool Arto and Imli with her game and prove her fake love to Atharva and make them feel guilty for gifting Arto a heater and catching a cold herself. Anu asks her not to do this stupid thing. Chini says she knows how to fool them.

Imli enters and says she can’t fool her anymore and slaps her hard. Chini shouts how dare she slap her. Imli says she made a mistake by trusting her, she is Imli’s daughter who follows her mother’s principles and blindly trusts everyone, she thought Chini really loved Arto and forgot that Chini will never change, Chini fixed the heater in Arto’s room, no taking proper safety precautions, Artaud would have died of suffocation today. Chini tries to mislead her again. Imli says she will not succumb to her crocodile tears and challenges to protect Atharva from her. Chini counters that Atharva is used to his habit and even if he finds out that she is behind his wealth, he will not leave her. Imli challenges her to wrest Artaud from Chinna’s hands and leaves the room.

Imli returns to Atharva with water and snacks. Arto coughs and then laughs and says that when he is in trouble, he always finds support from Imli, who is very special to him. Imli says they are friends. Atharva asks her to promise that she will never leave him. Imli mentions Chinna’s challenge that After will come back to her even after finding out she is behind Artaud’s money; always speaks Atharva prays to God that he will always be in trouble, that Imli will always be with him; he promises to always be by Imli’s side.

The next morning, Imli goes to Rudra and apologizes for not believing him that Chini will never change and is only after Atharva’s wealth. She cries for blindly trusting China. Rudra says it’s easy for her from now on as she understood Chinna’s intentions and now she has to do whatever her heart tells her and protect Atharva from Chinna.

Chini goes to Atharva’s room. Atharva asks what happened now. Chini says she missed him and that’s why she came to talk to him, asks if they can go to a movie. Artaud says that he feels bad after yesterday’s event. Chini cries that she didn’t know the heater would malfunction, she would have risked her life and saved him if she had known about it. She insists on Atharva’s film. He agrees. She thinks she will throw Atharva out of Imla right under her nose.

Artaud comes down, looking at this mobile, and tells Devica that he is leaving. Ripu grabs his mobile and finds him booking 2 movie tickets and informs the family that Bhaiya is going on a movie date with Bhabhi. Devika says Imli went to office. Chini gets ready. Rupali asks where she is going. Chini says she is going shopping with Abhishek. Rudra goes to Atharva and asks him to drop by his client. Chini says that Artaud is going to take her to the mall. Rudra says there is no mall on the way so Chini can order a taxi. Chini informs Artaud that they will meet at the cinema.

In the car, Rudra reads a message on the mirror that objects are closer than they seem and suggests him to look carefully at the objects that are closer to him and not lose them. He gets out of the car and asks to think carefully about his proposal. Atharva waits for Chinna at the cinema and thinks that she must not have found a cab. He thinks of calling Imla but then thinks she will be disturbed. He reaches the theater and finds Imli sitting in Chini’s seat.

Set Up: The theater manager tells Atharva and Imla that someone has complained about them having an affair in a public place. Security guards try to drag Imli away. Atharva fights them.

Atharva and Imli manage to escape the guards and go to the car. Imli apologizes to Atharva for not believing him and trusting Chini. She says she was foolish and should have known that Chini would never change. She promises to protect him from Chini. Atharva tells her that he will always be by her side no matter what. They drive away, looking forward to a better future.

Imli and Atharva’s relationship has grown stronger over time. They have been through a lot of ups and downs but have always come out stronger. They have been able to overcome any obstacle that has come their way and have been able to trust each other. It is a beautiful relationship that has been built on love and understanding.

Imli has been a pillar of support for Atharva in times of need and has always been there for him. She has been able to protect him from Chini’s malicious intentions and has done whatever it takes to save him. She has been able to recognize Chini’s true intentions and has been able to keep Atharva safe.

Atharva has also been there for Imli and has stood by her side no matter what. He has been able to understand her feelings and has been able to trust her. He has been able to recognize her true intentions and has been able to protect her from any danger.

Imli and Atharva’s relationship is an example of true love and loyalty. They have been able to stand by each other through thick and thin and have been able to build a strong bond. They have been able to trust each other and have been able to overcome any obstacle that has come their way. Their relationship is an inspiration to all of us and shows us that true love and loyalty can conquer anything.

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