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Imli tells Abhishek that she has been wanting to tell him something for a long time and if she doesn’t know, she won’t be able to forgive herself. Chini goes to Artaud’s room, apologizes for missing the movie with him, and asks if they can go again. He says he wants to say something. She knows he wants to say how much he missed her, even she missed him a lot. Atharva says he doesn’t know what he feels now but he is sure their relationship is not what it used to be. Imli asks Abhishek if he thinks that he and Chini are completely different. They are abhisheks, but two different pieces of the puzzle complement each other; he knows Chini is childish and sometimes greedy, but people change over time. Imli says that only those people who really want change will change.

Chini tells Artaud that nothing has changed between them and hugs him. Atharva frees himself. Chini hugs him and says that she loves him and knows that even he loves her. Abhishek asks Imli if he doesn’t love Atharva even after so much happened, everything can be changed with love. He asks her not to worry as he will be fine and drives off in his car. Imli hopes that Abhishek will know the truth soon and at least Atharva would tell the truth to China. Chini tries to emotionally manipulate Atharva.

Atharva thinks Chini’s words have confused him, so he needs to seek Imla’s advice. Imli also thinks that she is confused and should take his advice. Atharva thinks that Imli said that she will just support him and the final decision will be his, then he should not bother her. Imli also thinks the same. They bump into each other. Atharva thinks things are messed up and he needs her help. Imli thinks he should think for himself and take an informed decision. Jinni informs them that Chini’s maata ki chauki will start after some time.

Atharva returns to his room. Chini approaches him and asks if he told anyone about them. He says no because he is not sure about them. Cini threatens to stab herself with a fork. Atharva stops her. She threatens to commit suicide if he does not accept her, and says that God helps lovers. Atharva stands confused. Chini thinks she should help herself and make sure she does her pre-wedding rituals with Atharva and not Abhishek.

The family performs maata ki poja. Chini thinks Atharva should get ready to do the pre-wedding rituals with her as she has already made a plan. Panditji distributes kukum to the women and asks the couple to seek Maata’s blessings for their union. Imli tries to jump and play the temple bell. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan.. the song is playing in the background. Atharva leaves her and helps her ring the bell. Imli then realizes her imagination.

Kaya feels that she needs to help Chini in performing the pre-wedding rituals with Atharva as per Chini’s plan. Chini means pooja with Abhishek and signals Kaya. Smoke hits her in the eye, and she steps aside. Kaya slips and pushes Atharva. Atharva holds Imli’s hand and steps forward, throwing kumkum at her. Family ladies also throw kumkum on them. They both stand looking at each other. Cini and her team are jealous.

Imli tries to wipe the kumkum. Arpita stops her and says that Matarani is blessing her. Abhishek tries to apply sindhur on Chini’s hairline. She angrily stops him and walks away. Imli notices this and thinks that Chini’s intentions are wrong and she will not let Abhishek suffer because of Chini. Abhishek bumps into Atharva and apologizes to him. Atharva grumbles if he apologizes to him. Abhishek asks if he said anything. Atharva says he is almost married, is he sure he wants to marry Chini. Abhishek says that sometimes they are confused but know that they understand someone as much as he understands Chini; he is sure that someone understands Atharva. Atharva remembers Atharva. Abhishek says he is right Imli. Atharva says Imli solves all his problems and makes him feel comfortable. Abhishke says Imli is the girl in his life.

Beginning: Imli tells Atharva that it’s time to leave his life forever. Chini tells Atharva that today is her and Abhishek’s wedding, they will be separated forever if he doesn’t react. Atharva looks at both of them and thinks he knows what to do.

Atharva realizes that if he doesn’t act soon, it will be too late. He knows that if he doesn’t do anything, Chini will marry Abhishek and they will be separated forever. He also knows that if he confesses his feelings for Imli, Chini will not be able to marry Abhishek. He decides to take a stand and confess his feelings for Imli.

Atharva takes Imli aside and tells her that he loves her and he wants to be with her forever. He says that he can’t bear to see her in pain and he wants to protect her from all the hurt. Imli is surprised and overwhelmed at his confession. She tells him that she loves him too and she was waiting for him to say something.

Atharva and Imli go back to the wedding and confess their love for each other in front of everyone. Chini is shocked and angry. Abhishek is relieved that he doesn’t have to marry Chini anymore. Everyone else is happy for the couple.

Imli and Atharva are finally together and they are ready to start a new life together. They are grateful to each other for being so understanding and supportive. Imli and Atharva have a bright future ahead of them and they are sure that their love will last forever.

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