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Imli decides to make Chini reveal her truth. Chini doubts whether Imli really lost her memory or not. She sees that Arpita and Sundar are serious and asks the reasons. Arpita says that until Imli’s memory is restored, they won’t be able to take her from here. Sundar says they can’t stay here either so they leave. Arpita asks Chinna to pack her bags. Chini starts an emotional drama and says that she has hurt Imli a lot and wants to repent by staying and taking care of Imli to make Imalia and Geroji proud. Imli thinks that Chini is taking her parents name in her evil plan, she will fail Chini’s plan.

The servant serves tea to the family. Kaya asks if they will get food or if they will have to survive on tea. Imli says she will prepare food day as today is a kitchen ritual and she will prepare Chini’s favorite food. Atharva says she should cook her husband’s favorite food instead of her sister at her kitchen ritual. Imli says it is because Chini is going today. Sundar says yes and asks Chinna to pack her bags. Chini nervously says that she brought a lot of things and can’t pack them so fast. Imli shows the servant bringing Chini’s bags and says that Chini is lazy since childhood so she packed her bags. Chini says she wants to stay and take care of her sister. Imli says Kaya and others are taking care of her. Kaya asks China to stay for a few days to take care of her sister. Chini happily agrees. Imli says she will give her sister a chance to serve her and hugs her.

Back in the room, Chini looks angrily at her bags. Keya asks what happened. Chini says she can’t understand how Imli dared to throw her out of the house. Kaya asks her to think about what she wants next. Imli says she wants to capture Arto. Kaya says she is dreaming. Chini says she will act nicer than Imli and get Arto’s attention. Kaya says that all of Chini’s plans have failed and hopes that this plan will work. Atharva goes to Imla. Imli says they got married only a few days ago and she made him serve her. Atharva thinks that he will be happy to serve her and somehow make her smile again. He says that Hugh will bring her medicine. Imli says she only needs him as his love and care is like medicine for her. Atharva gets nervous and goes to the doctor. Imli feels guilty for making him nervous and thinks she has to do this to expose Chini and free him from Chini’s hands.

Chini approaches Artaud and asks if he is going anywhere. Atharva says to get Imli’s medicine. Chini says she will go with him to get something for Imli. Atharva asks her to give him the list and he will bring it. Chini says she wants to pick things out in person. Atharva agrees. Imli goes to them and asks Chini to stay with her and let Arto go. Artaud says Imli is right and leaves. Imli hugs her and asks to be with her. Chini says she will come after some time. Imli holds her hand and leads her to Artaud’s room. She looks sick and forces Chini to guard her while she rests. Chini thinks that Imli has failed her plan and rests peacefully. Imli thinks that she will lure Chini into other plans of her own and make her run away from here. She continues to act and does not let China go. After some time, Atharva brings medicine for Imli. Imli says she will take it later. Chini thinks let Imli take the medicine and sleep.

Atharva insists that Imli take the medicine and says that if she doesn’t, he will. Imlie smiles and asks if he will scold her. Atharva says he can’t scold her if she looks at him like that. Seeing this, Chini feels jealous. Imli says Artharva forgot Chini. Atharva regains consciousness. Atharva calls the entire family and complains that there is no medicine for Imla. Imli says she is fine. The family insists that Imla have medicine. Imlie takes it weakly. Family leaves. Atharva warns Imli to take the medicine silently next time or else he will call his family. As he leaves, Imli takes the medicine out of her mouth and thinks it is not time to sleep. Chini notices that she is hiding.

Set-up: The doctor informs the family that Imli must know the truth if she is to recover. Devika asks what is the truth.
Chini thinks that now she will see what Imile will do. The doctor informs Imla that she and Atharva were going through a divorce, not a wedding. Imli thinks that today her truth will be in front of everyone, what should she do now?

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