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Imli is working on a new project on her laptop. Devika brings her milk and says that you should not ignore your health at work. The family comes in and congratulates her on her promotion to assistant reporter. Imlieu asks who told them about this. Rudra says Sundar informed him and greets her again. Imli thanks him. Kaya says he is congratulating Imli as if she has become a minister. Atharva jokes that the assistant promotion is being reported by an intern, not a minister. Everyone laughs at her. The cane is smoking. Devika asks Atharva how was his first day at office, he looks tired. Rudra says Atharva worked a lot today so obviously he is tired. Imli and Atharva then go on an ice cream date. Akash tells Kaya that Imli is laughing after being removed from his job and given to Atharva. Kaya decides to take revenge on Imla.

Imli and Atharva enjoy ice cream at a roadside stall. Jo Tum Na Ho To Hum Bhi Hum Nahi.. the song is playing in the background. They feed each other and feel romantic. Dhairya calls Rudra and says he was calling to remind him about the proposal presentation. Atharva says he remembers and will finish it by morning. Dhairiya says that his presentation should help both Chadha and them as everyone’s job will depend on his proposal. Atharva says that Rudra considers his office as his second home and as his son, he will not let anything bad happen to his family. Dhairiya thinks that rich people can talk big and cannot understand the problems of the poor, he hopes that Atharva will prepare a good proposal and keep their jobs.

Imli and Atharva return home. Atharva starts working on his proposal. Imli brings him coffee. Atharva asks her to bring her laptop here and work on it as he will feel relaxed when she is around. She goes to get her laptop and discovers that her research file is missing from her laptop. Atharva feels nervous remembering Dhairi’s words and works on music to feel relaxed. He falls asleep, begging God for help. Imli goes back to her room and seeing him sleeping thinks what will she do now. Kaya spies and thinks that Imli has marked them as frauds, now they both will feel humiliated in their offices. Imlie thinks what will she do now.

The next morning the servant woke Atharva. Atharva gets tensed seeing that it is already 9:30 am and calls Imla. The servant says that Imli has already left for his post. Atharva thinks he has to finish the proposal in 1 hour as he could sleep. The servant informs that Rudra is waiting for him downstairs. Imli comes to the office feeling tired after working on a project all night. Her boss informs her about a medical mafia operation. Imli is getting ready for surgery. Rudra with Atarfva and Manish visit his office and meet his employees. Atharva thinks he couldn’t tell dad that he can’t fulfill his offer. Rudra introduces him to his loyal staff. The employees praise Rudra and get emotional. Atharva touches the employee’s feet and asks him to bless him, which makes his father proud. Rudra says he is sure Atharva will run his company better than him. Dhairya hopes so and comments. Atharva fumes, thinking that if Dhaya was not Rudra’s favorite, he would have taught him a lesson.

Imli and her colleagues reach the hospital to record the violation there. The staff asks the peons to take positive blood for their sister. The peon demands double money and goes for blood. They shoot video on a hidden purse camera. Imlie falls asleep. The staff say it’s time to go as they got the video and are shaking Imli. Imli wakes up and drops her purse. The camera falls out. Peons notice the camera and run to catch them. Employees flee. The peons destroy the cell. Their employees scold Imli for failing in her operation and threaten to report her failure to the boss. Kaya recalls how she deleted Imli’s security file and mixed sleeping pills in Atharva’s coffee and thinks that they will both be humiliated in her office. Atharva nervously starts his presentation and tries to reveal the truth to the employees.

Set-up: Dhairiya tells Atharva that he sensed his tension when he took over and threatens to tell everyone that he is not up to the job.

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