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Imlie March 18, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Imli tells Atharva that she knows music is his necessity and happiness but now his father needs him. Atharva says he became selfish because Imla has to explain his duties to him and thanks Imla. The next morning he gets ready in his jacket to join Rudra’s business. Imli disguised as Kuljeet Singh silently tries to leave her room. Atharva notices her and asks who he is and where is Imli. He tries to hit her when she stops him and reveals her identity. He asks why she is wearing that outfit. Imli says that she got her trainee job back as Kuljeet Singh and reveals that she was acting as a swimsuit and went to the interview instead. Atharva is angry that she lied and asks how many lies she has told so far. Imli gets tensed. Atharva smiles and says she deserves her job and suggests her to reveal the truth to her boss as she got the job because of her talent. Imli agrees and urges him not to shirk his responsibility.

Dhairiya comes to the office. His colleague asks him if Akash destroyed his house. Dhairiya warns him to mind his own business. Rudra Chadda’s salesman calls him and threatens to destroy his office as Akash has not paid him 5 lakhs. His goons start breaking things in Rudra’s office. Dairya fights thugs. Rudra gets angry with Akash. Imli walks in with Atharva. Atharva says that from now on he will support Rudra in business and will not disappoint him. Devika performs Atharva’s nazar. Atharva asks her to fulfill Imli’s nazar as she made him realize his responsibility. Imli says it was his decision to take responsibility. Rudra happily hugs Atharva and says that he is proud of him.

Dhairiya defeats Chaddha’s thugs. Chadda asks if he was the one caught in the Rs 50 lakh scam. Dhairiya says it was a misunderstanding and Akash is behind it, he is loyal to Rudra and always will be. Chadda says that both father and son are the same. Dhairiya says that the father earned the business through hard work, and the son just got it in the family tree. Fraudsters catch him again.

Preparation: Imli is tensed to see her research papers missing from the computer and Atharva sleeping without having prepared a business proposal. Kaya smiles from behind and thinks that Imli has proved their fraud, now both of them will be called losers in the offices.

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