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Imlie February 14, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Chini begs Imli to stay away and says her heart is thinking to do the right thing for the first time, who knows she might do something that will make her stay here forever. Imli refuses to stay. Rupali and Sundar ask her to be next. Imli agrees to stay and asks Rudra if he is happy now. Rudra smiles. After a while, Chini is looking for her charger. Atharva walks in and asks if he can help. She nods yes. He takes the charger out of the drawer. She thanks him and says that he is helping her even after she hurt him so much. Imli enters next. Chini says she has troubled Imli many times and got punished for losing her love. She suggests they give their relationship another chance. They both immediately say that they are now friends. He thinks he never appreciated her. She thinks she was never his choice. Chini asks them not to think too much.

Chini then apologizes to Imli for not taking care of her like an elder sister and Imli taking care of her says that she is actually Imalia’s daughter. Imli says Chini is daddy’s Mrs Sugar and leaves asking her to rest now. Atharva wishes her goodnight and asks what she thinks about Chinna’s advice. Imli says nothing, one sided love doesn’t matter. Atharva mentions how Imli said she doesn’t love Atharva and says now there is not even one sided love, she is right they are better as friends. Imli walks downstairs and bumps into Anu. Anu shouts at her that she lost Malini because of Imli’s mother, she wouldn’t spare her if something happened to Chini. She goes to Chini’s room and shows her concern. Imli thinks if Chini has really changed or is she still the same.

Chini asks Ana what would happen to her precious beauty if something really happened to her. Anu explains how her baby Chi’s plan could fail and recalls falling from the terrace onto the mattress and then injuring herself to make it look real. Anu praises her performance. Cheney says wait and watch her award-winning acting. She says she made a mistake by eating badly in front of everyone, now she will behave well and capture Atharva forever. Imli goes to the living room to fill a mug of water and finds the bird pot empty. She goes to fill it. Chini throws her medicine away and it falls into the bird’s water bowl. Imli takes it and thinks why Chini dumped him. Chini tells Anu that she will behave more than Imli and beat her.

Imlieu enters and asks if that was her plan. Anu asks what she means. Chini again behaves well and says all she did was.. Imli shows her medicine and asks why did she throw away her medicine when she was sick. Anu says she threw it as Imli brought, she can’t trust the girl who is responsible for Chinna’s suicide attempt, she doesn’t know what Imli mixed in this medicine. Chini says that Imli can never harm anyone and takes medicine to prove it. Anu shouts at Imli to come out. Chini stops her. Anu says please go. Misty leaves. Anu and Chini smile. Imli thinks Chini is well spoken but why does she still doubt her. She hopes that the next morning will bring a new ray of hope.

The next morning, a servant brings breakfast to Chini’s room. Chini says she wants to have breakfast with her family. Servant says everyone has finished breakfast except Atharva who is having breakfast now. Cheney continues to act. Arpita brings Imli to the dinner table and insists that she have breakfast with Atharva. Imli notices the servant hiding the food and asks him. He says Chini refused to eat breakfast. Imli says Chini doesn’t like porridge and goes to make breakfast for Chini. Chini hopes that Atharva will come to convince her and thinks why is he wasting so much time. Atharva thinks he will get sick if he doesn’t have food and takes food for Imli. Feeds her from his hands. Seeing this makes Chini jealous and thinks that Imli is becoming a roadblock for her and will remove her from their ways.

Keya bumps into China and asks what she’s doing here and what her plan is. Shivani steps in and asks her not to scold Chini. Chini asks her to gather everyone alive as she has a surprise for them. Atharva asks Imli to eat. Everyone gathers in the living room and asks Imli why she called them. She says she arranged for Valentine’s Day event passes. Rudra says they don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Chini says they have to for Imla and Atharva’s sake.

Set Up: Imli gets stuck in a hot air balloon.
Chini hopes she dies. Atharva runs to help Imla.

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