Hello, readers, again a piece of disgusting news is taking the place of controversy that a woman dead after attempting suicide. Yes, you read it right. The woman was 32 years old and she belongs to Hyderabad. She died by suicide in a Facebook live likely because of harassment by her spouse. This update came on the day of Friday by the police. It is said to be that her family is also saying against her husband. Reports are coming that the family of a woman accusing their son-in-law of mistreating her and having an extra-marital affair. Let’s continue the article so read the article till the end as we have included all the important details in this article.

Now, people are continuously searching for the identity of the deceased. So let us tell you that the woman’s name has been disclosed as Sana. Sana’s brother five years ago, put her step into her married life and tied the knot with her schoolmate, named Hemant but he was not working anywhere. However, Sana was working for an airline company in Delhi. This news is making people shocked that how can a man do this with his wife. This news is disgusting and people are criticizing him for his wrongdoing.

We observe this type of case in daily news but this type of crime is getting increase day by day instead stop. Apart from this, at the present time, the man Hemant is serving as a disc jockey (DJ) in the Abids commercial center, and has an extramarital affair with another woman, who also works as a DJ woman, mentioned Sana’s brother. This news is creating several questions in the mind of the people. We will try to cover all the answers in this article.

Furthermore, The Nacharam Police mentioned that a case has been registered against Hemant and his parents for alleged harassment. The case became the hot topic of controversy on the internet. The body of Sana has been sent for post-mortar, according to the police. The case is getting handled by the police with serious angels. Police are putting their all efforts to find the entire matter regarding the case. The investigation is ongoing. We have shared all the details about the news, which we have fetched from other sources to ready to this information. Some personal facts are undisclosed at the present time. Stay tuned for more updates.

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