There are reports that Madame Sylvia Wu has passed away. The heartbreaking news was verified by her relatives on social networking sites. According to reports, she passed away on September 26, 2022, at 106. Individuals who liked her character and work have been devastated by the news, which has spread around the web.

As individuals have come forward to show their sorrow on her untimely passing, social networking sites have become overrun with tributary postings and comments. Check out who she was and what occurred to her here.

Cookbooks, media appearances, and charity efforts, notably at the City of Hope cancer facility, characterized Wu’s later life. Her restaurant was one of the very first in Southern California to serve another kind of food other than Chop Suey.

She was frequent at her work location and even managed the place while accepting phone orders for takeout. Princess Grace, Mia Farrow, Mae West, Paul Newman, and many more celebrities have dined at Madame Wu’s throughout the years.


She closed the first restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard in 1998 and opened Madame Wu’s Asian Bistro & Sushi in the freshly developed Grove. Although that effort failed, Madame Wu continued to be a dear friend to her regular clients. She also expressed a desire to spend additional time with her grandkids at the time, but she left retirement swiftly.

The restauranteur soon opened Madame Wu’s Asian Bistro & Sushi in the then-new Grove, but it wasn’t as successful as the previous one, despite the fact that people still admired her. Wu’s two sons, George and Patrick, as well as a considerable number of grandkids, are still alive.

She lost her spouse in 2011. According to The Times, Wu used a letter to her church’s supporters and a plea to one of her friends, a studio executive, to get the word out about her new restaurant. It went well.

Among the notable individuals that attended Wu’s restaurant were Cary Grant, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, Carol Burnett, Walter Matthau, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and Steven Spielberg.

Without a doubt, many individuals have been impacted by Madame’s passing. She was a beloved restaurateur whose untimely death left many people in mourning. We at Alltrendyposts likewise extend our deepest sympathies and homage to the woman.

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