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Thursday saw the debut of the first teaser for Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie Emergency, in which she plays former prime minister Indira Gandhi. Kangana assumes the late PM’s appearance in the brief promotional film, complete with eyeglasses and her starched cotton saree.

Predictions about whether the actor will play the politician and how she will depict the era, which is sometimes referred to as the darkest in Indian democracy, are still too early. It has been made clear by Kangana that the film is not a biography of Gandhi. The former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger calls Kangana in the video and appeals that American President Richard Nixon welcome her as “Ma’am” rather than “Sir.” After waiting, Kangana as Indira answers “yes,” but she fast turns to her secretary and appeals that he describe the US President that everyone in her office addresses her as “Sir.”

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As promised, Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actor-director, released the first trailer for her upcoming historical drama Emergency on Thursday.

Additionally, Ranaut’s uncanny similarity to former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has us awestruck.

It will be intriguing to see how Ranaut approaches the topic of 1975’s Emergency, even if the actor has emphasized that the movie is not intended to be Gandhi’s biopic.

Here is further information.

Why is the Emergency story important?

Ranaut, who is well recognized for giving brash female characters life, revealed her involvement with Emergency in January 2021.

The film was scheduled to be directed by Sai Kabir at the time, and the scripting was nearly finished.

However, a lot has changed since then, and Emergency is the National Award-winning actor’s second feature film (after Manikarnika).

The start of the shoot is thrilling.

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What was seen in the teaser?

Ranaut shared a little over a minute-long clip on her Instagram page, giving us our first glimpse of her in the role of the leader.

“Presenting ‘Her’ who was nicknamed ‘Sir’ #Emergency shoot begins,” her caption stated.

In the video, we witness former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger requesting that Gandhi be addressed as “Ma’am” by US President Richard Nixon.

It is motivating to listen to Gandhi’s sharp but powerful voice

Gandhi initially responds “yes,” but she makes careful to include a follow-up.

She requests that her secretary inform the American president that “Sir” is the office etiquette.

In addition to this, we hear Gandhi’s voiceover as she radio-announces the country’s state of emergency.

The harsh voice’s command is, to put it mildly, commendable

Ranaut’s metamorphosis into Gandhi appears different because of this.

While Lara Dutta’s unrecognizably altered appearance as Gandhi for the 2021 film Bell Bottom shocked internet users in awe, Ranaut’s appearance is distinct.

Ranaut has kept her natural facial features under the direction of Oscar-winning British makeup artist David Malinowski while adopting the tone and body language of the Congress leader.

We eagerly anticipate the political drama’s upcoming release in theatres.

These were the most dramatic incidents in recent world history, Kangana had previously stated about a newspaper item from 1975. What caused today’s declaration of the Emergency and what the results were. The world’s most powerful woman was at its center. This is deserving of its huge epic movie. So catch #Emergency in theatres next year.

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