A piece of news has come on the web and made people shocked. Ephrata man charged for suspected attempt of the mass firing or shooting at George Amphitheater. This news is making controversy among people on a high level. People want to know about Jonathan R. Moody and George Amphiltrheatre’s suspected shooting information. A man from Ephrata may have planned to carry out a mass firing at the Gorge Amphitheater on the night of the Friday but was likely stopped. People are curious to know about the whole matter. What happened and what was the whole matter? Let’s continue the article.

According to a recent report, A man from Ephrata may have made the plan to carry out a mass firing at the Gorge Amphitheater on Friday night was likely stopped, according to Grant County Sheriff’s deputies. Residents and security give the information to deputies to a guy in the parking lot and this information has been given around 9 ‘ o’clock at night.

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The man appeared by a witness inhaling an unknown gas or chemical from a ballon before loading two 9mm pistols and was loading from the trunk of his car. One pistol was trucked away in the man’s back waistband, and the other was kept in an out-of-the-waistband hostler. As per the report, he was recognized as Ephrata resident Jonathan R. on 30 Monday, speak to concertgoers, and enquired as to when the performance finished and where attendees would be leaving the venue. Moody was not able to come to the location. Outside the event gates, security apprehended Moody and took the two loaded 9mm handguns out of his possessions.

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Moody has been apprehended by the deputies after the investigation on the doubt of one crime of possessing a terrible weapon and one count of carrying or handing a weapon without permission. Moody was apprehended and he was taken to the Grant County Jail. The Bass Canyon concert series, an electronic dance music festival, made the performance at the Gorge last night and will do so again today. The concert last night was sold out, which indicates that around 25, 000 people attended. The doubt of witnesses and deputies was increased by Moody’s behavior, including his presence to take an intoxicant. We have done our all efforts to make the content valuable and understandable. If we get any information we will tell you all the details about the news. Stay tuned for more updates.

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