We are proudly sharing a piece of big news with you that someone has finally taken a medal after 19 long years. Yes, this time a name is trending on the web on a huge level so we are talking about Anuj Bobby George. Victory in Tokyo and backing it with a words medal is amazing Neeraj has shown again that he is a world-class athlete. This news is taking place of controversy and people are attracted to the news. All the citizens of India are proud of the victor and happy, that an amazing athlete Indian citizen. We will make this content more interesting and understandable.

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According to the exclusive reports, If one sees the level of competition at the World Championships, it is much tougher than the Olympics. Victory7 in Tokyo and backing it with a Worlds medal is really amazing. The athlete has proved that he is the best in his field. when the first two throws has been made by him, which was a foul and 82.39m. It was a bit unassertive about what is running to transpire. However, later his 3rd throw, it was clear that something will happen amazing and outstanding. Apart from this starting was not good and he return and that was the spirit, which the best athlete keep under his soul.

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Anju Bobby George explained she predicted he would gain the victory an Olympic medal and she believe that he will join her in the Worlds club. Says shares that she sees the spark of a champion. She is very happy that has finally bagged a Worlds medal after 19 long years. She has often met and spoken to Neerja post-Olympics, However, never gave him suggestions. There is no need for advice from the Olympic champion.

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Neeraj’s medal reminds her of Paris’s journey. After the competition of the series of events in the run-up to the Worlds. In the last meet just 20 days before the Worlds, she was unable to maintain only a 6.38m jump while suffering from a fever. Her body was voided. She also increased swelling in her Knee and just wanted to go home. However, Robert Bobby, who is her coach and spouse, sort of tricked her. He explained they could just go to Paris and watch the event.

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Furthermore, She welcomed Chopra to the group and she made the tweet and gives him congratulations and wishes for that magic moment…N welcome to the group..she shared it was a long wait. Let us tell you he had started shaky in his final. He had a foul start and then made throws of 82.39m and 86.37m in his second and third attempts, amazingly. Then the Panipat-born made a strong return on his 4th throw and pulled off a huge throw of 88.13m to jump from 4th to 2nd place before ending his final with the 5th and 6th throws being fouls. This is a proud moment for the whole of India, which can’t be described in words. Stay connected for more updates.

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