Pakhi requests that Vinayak explain what occurred to Baba/Virat. Vinayak claims that goons shot Baba, but she should not worry since Doctor Aunty extracted the bullet in time. Chavan calls Pakhi and inquires about Virat and Vinayak’s well-being.

Pakhi claims that Virat was shot, but Vinayak’s doctor aunty extracted the bullet in time, saving Virat. She prayed to god for Vinayak’s Doctor Aunty, who rescued Virat, to be pleased. Doctor Madam is also prayed for and thanked by Chavan. Virat’s eyes open. Mohit tells that they received a call and that the same has occurred here. Sai stutters. Jagtap grabs her and drags her away. Seeing Something, Virat Fumes. 

Jagtap forces Sai to sit down and gives her water. He questions her if Virat wedded Pakhi and if Virat is aware of Savi. Savi inquires as to what she is unaware of. Sai remains silent. Savi claims that Sai is exhausted from assisting others and neglecting herself, so she will bring her food. Sai instructs Jagtap to collect his medicine cash and leave.

Savi presents itself to Pakhi and explains how her mother struggled after constantly serving others and going without food since the previous day. Pakhi requests that she accompany her to her mom. Sai enters with Vinayak. Pakhi is astounded to see Sai still alive. Sai enters Virat’s room. Mohit is astounded in seeing her alive. Sai advises Virat to rest because he is quite weak. Virat remembers MLA’s statement that Sai is having an affair with several goons and wonders if Sai is still with Jagtap. Sai believes Virat has finally married Pakhi. Sai moves away. Pakhi is even more surprised to see Savi playing with Jagtap. Mohit observes Jagtap and asks Pakhi whether Virat notified her about Sai’s survival. She says no.


Vinayak is served breakfast by Pakhi. Vinayak claims that his legs are in excruciating pain. Sai claims that this is because he has been overworking himself since yesterday, and she would give him some activities to help relieve his pain. Pakhi wonders why Virat didn’t tell her about Sai. Her inner voice tells her not to let Sai bring back Virat anymore.

Pakhi claims that Sai is Virat’s first wife and that she has first dibs on him. Inner Voice: Will She Give Virat To Sai Once more? Sai remembers seeing the Mangalsutra around Pakhi’s neck and sobs. Usha encourages her to cry out her pain since she is shocked to see Virat and Pakhi come into her life in this manner and is concerned about her. Sai claims she does not want to discuss it. Usha wonders if Vinayak is Virat and Pakhi’s son. Sai claims she has no idea and refuses to discuss anything.

Pakhi approaches Sai and addresses her as Dr. Sai Joshi, thanking her for saving her husband’s life. Sai addresses her as Mrs. Virat Chavan and states that it is her job as a medical to save a life of a patient. She explains how Virat saved Savi’s life and expresses gratitude to him. Pakhi Expresses Her Emotions.

Sai admits that seeing her alive makes her unhappy. Pakhi expresses her joy at seeing her alive after such a long year. They looked all around for her, and Virat had broken down after losing her. She inquires as to whether Vinayak is still alive. Sai says she has no idea. Pakhi apologizes for touching her old wounds and claims Virat and Vinayak like Savi and wonders if Savi is her kid. Yes, says Sai.

Pakhi expresses gratitude to her for curing Vinayak. Sai claims she has already been informed that it is her responsibility. Pakhi wonders why she didn’t come back home if she had been alive all of these years. Sai remembers the event of leaving home and claims she did not leave the residence to return and refuses to discuss her past. Pakhi claims she is still angry with her and has not forgiven her; she is unable to accept herself and blames herself for all of her difficulties.

She apologizes and claims she desired to burn herself alive in the flame of repentance, but her family helped her and got her wedded to Virat. She believes her life was like a blank sheet of paper even without dear ones, but she now has her entire family back. She begs Sai’s forgiveness. If Sai claims that Pakhi has destroyed her life, how can she forgive Pakhi?

Precap: Although Sai informs Pakhi that she has gone on from her past, Pakhi still adores Virat and has become his wife. Pakhi claims that Virat’s new wife wants to join her in Virat’s home.

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