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The episode begins with Virat approaching Sai in front of his house entrance. He inquires about the subject, to which she conceals Harini’s problem and fabricates an excuse for him. He reminds her of their agreement not to intervene in their personal lives and asks her not to presume anything since he assisted her in getting the position at the orphanage.

He taunts and insults her, and she becomes enraged and responds appropriately. Meanwhile, Pakhi is taken aback when she sees them together from upstairs. Bhavani arrives at the same moment and reminds Pakhi of her warning.

Bhavani declares that Sai is attempting to enter their lives and that it won’t be long until she comes between Pakhi and Virat. While Pakhi is in turmoil, she asks the latter to be severe and cautious about her connection with Virat. She continues to stare at Sai and Virat, as the latter boards an autorickshaw and departs to avoid further talk with Virat.

Harini enters Virat’s room and takes a seat next to him. He wonders whether she needs to speak to him about something. She thinks about it, but then hides it from him and seems to be perplexed. He tells her about her interaction with Sai and informs her that they are no longer tied to Sai. He asks her to cease referring to Sai as their cousin and declares that she must adjust her conduct toward Sai because she is no longer a member of their family.

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Pakhi enters Virat’s room and overhears his chat with Harini. She approaches him and begins lecturing him for not being able to avoid people his entire life. She encourages him to resolve his score with Sai and continue on with his life rather than avoiding the difficulties. Harini gets up and walks away at that point, while Virat stares at Pakhi and remains steadfast in his choice. He claims that he is doing the right thing since he regards Sai as nothing more than Vinayak’s doctor.

Virat declares that he does not want Sai to become engaged with his family and indicates that he has made this plain to her as well. However, Virat and Pakhi sleep on their respective beds, avoiding one another. Sai, on the other hand, returns to her residence, and Usha becomes concerned about her after seeing her face. She approaches the latter, to which Sai responds that all of her problems stem from Virat and his family.

Usha sends Savi inside the room to avoid notifying her about Sai and Virat’s relationship. Sai informed Usha that the orphanage was operated by the Chavans, and Bhavani was opposed to her working there. She alleges that the latter made a massive mess in order to fire her, but Virat stood up for herself and asked her to work there.

Usha grins and claims that Virat still has a love for Sai when she says she accepted to work at the orphanage. The latter recalls their history and then denies that Virat has affection for her. She becomes distraught as she tells her about how he insulted her when she left Harini off at her residence. She declares that she does not want to have any contact with Virat and regrets meeting Vinayak at the camp.

Chavan also wishes Pakhi and Virat a happy wedding anniversary. The latter apologizes to Pakhi for not wishing her a happy birthday at midnight, while Chavan intends to attend the celebration. They grow heated as Vinayak insists on inviting Sai and Savi. Virat and Bhavani refuse his proposal, but Pakhi insists on inviting Savi. Vinayak rebels and flees, while Bhavani grows enraged. Meanwhile, Pakhi expresses her concern to Ashwini, who assures her and advises her to be strong and aspire to be near Virat.

Precap:- Sai receives a call from Savi and feels concerned after hearing her cry. The phone is disconnected, and the latter becomes agitated. She enters the home and is taken aback by the preparations and celebration of Virat and Pakhi’s marriage anniversary. She notices Vinayak and Savi dancing and enjoying themselves beside Virat and Pakhi. Sai becomes agitated and continues to stare at them, while they also stare at her. Vinayak and Savi approach Sai and shake her to get her to stop thinking.

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