Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th September 2022 Written Update Sai’s Request To Virat’s Boss

The episode begins with Pakhi feeling down about her choice to stay. She sobs as Virat calms her and claims that everyone understands her predicament. He declares that people must occasionally make difficult decisions in life. He comforts her by saying that anybody understands her love for Vinayak and that her refusal to accompany him does not imply that she doesn’t worry about Vinayak. He encourages her to be strong and sets a good example. He says that he had to leave Vinayak several times for his purpose, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him.

Virat lets Pakhi realize that by sitting, she is making a solid choice. He tells her that only she can manage the matter and vows to look after Vinayak. He also informs her that they will be going on a trip to the Maldives shortly, and she grins at his attempts.

Virat walks away from there and gets into the car with Vinayak. Before departing, he bids farewell to Bhavani and Pakhi and expresses his eagerness to see Savi. The latter, on the other hand, prepares modak to welcome Virat and his father. She shows her happiness to Sai, who chuckles at her antics.

Sai informs Usha that Savi is linked to an individual like Vinayak and his dad for the first time. She claims that Savi has overlooked everything since they met, whereas the latter claims that Savi even now remembers her father and wishes to learn more about him. She believes that the latter does not discuss him because of her pledge to Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th September 2022 Written Update

Virat asks Vinayak whether he knows Savi’s address. Which he emphatically rejects. He then phones Savi and inquires about her address, after which she hands the phone over to Sai, claiming that she would notify them. Vinayak answers the phone, and Virat is startled to hear Sai’s voice. However, the network becomes unstable, and Virat becomes perplexed.

A woman arrives ahead to summon Sai since Gayatri required her. Savi tells Virat to ask anybody about the Dr’s home and they would bring them there, so she walks there. He approached a guy, who directed them to Sai’s house. Savi greets them, and they are eager to see one another. Vinayak lavishes presents on Savi, who is overjoyed.

Sai pays a visit to Haria and Gayatri and inquires about the latter. Everyone begins applauding her and thanking her for rescuing the baby and Gayatri. Meanwhile, they persuaded Sai to join them for the occasion, which she gladly accepted upon seeing their proposal. They begin dancing and singing surrounding Sai, who is having a good time.

Pakhi then checks over the police file and speaks with the lawyer. Pakhi informs Ashwini that she isn’t concerned about Vinayak because this is the first time he has become so emotionally connected to someone. She also mentions Sai and Virat’s marriage, while Ashwini claims Virat is prepared to move on in their relationship and tells her that all will go well soon. Savi, on the other hand, invites Virat and Vinayak to join her at Haria and Gayatri’s party.

Virat transports Vinayak and Savi to Hari’s party. He drives them and a few other females to the occasion. Pakhi contacts him at that moment, and he informs him that he is ready to see Savi’s mom. Meanwhile, everybody starts dancing and rejoicing, as Virat enters alongside Savi. Vinayak, on the other hand, dances with Sai. As the rain begins to fall, Virat summons Savi, who runs towards Sai. Meanwhile, Sai switches between Virat and her favorites. They are surprised to see each other.

Pakhi begins the episode by conversing with Savi and enjoying her company. She then makes an encounter with her mom and inquires whether there is any senior in her household. Savi then hands the call to Usha. Pakhi speaks to Usha, who notices her voice and informs her about it, but Pakhi responds that she has never been to Kankauli and hence does not know them. She then explains Vinayak’s treatment from Savi’s mom, and Usha invites her to visit anytime they wish. They hang up, and Vinayak is eager to meet Savi.

When Virat returns to his room, he notices Vinayak and Pakhi talking about something. He inquires about the situation, to which she responds that it is a mother-son secret. They are all enjoying their family time as Virat shows them the gifts he has bought for them. He offers Vinayak’s refreshments and displays the things he bought for Savi.

Pakhi becomes tearful as she sees the back cushion for her and stares at Virat, who says that he has watched her struggle with pain. She is pleased and demonstrates her thanks towards him. Furthermore, they intend to travel to Kankauli together. Virat also informs his family about the guest home he has reserved and chooses to spend some time with them.

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