GHKPM Written Update

The episode begins with Sai questioning Virat about Vinayak’s health information. She claims that she requires the details in order to prepare better therapy for Vinayak. Virat becomes upset after recalling his meeting with Vinayak. She inquires as to when he began walking, to which Virat responds that it took him some time to walk on his own legs.

He goes on to say that it was tough for Vinayak at first, but he boldly overcame all the challenges. Virat appreciates Vinayak’s determination and asks Sai to heal him. She assures Virat and promises to organize the finest treatment for Vinayak.

Bhavani mentions the orphanage’s inauguration and how they have specifically invited them to be the guest of honors. She thanks them for their efforts and invites Pakhi and Virat to join her. Savi, on the other hand, reveals Vinayak her secret hiding place in her house while praising her for it. She then shows Vinayak her new outfit, and he remarks that she would look stunning in it. Then he informs her of Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary.

Vinayak extends an invitation to Savi and her family to his parent’s wedding anniversary. He invites her to his home and tells her that they will have a great time. She agrees to accompany him and expresses her enthusiasm. They both step outside and witness Sai and Virat chatting to one other. They socialize with their parents. However, Virat transports Vinayak away from the situation.

Meanwhile, Sai looks for work and asks Savi to focus on her academics. While Sai searches for internet employment, the latter gladly begins reading her novels. Usha reads the newspaper and informs Sai about a job opportunity at the orphanage. She encourages Sai to apply, and the latter accepts and goes to the interview. However, Bhavani, Virat, and Pakhi pay a visit to the orphanage.

Virat is greeted by the orphanage’s lady, Pakhi, and Bhavani. They express their gratitude to the Chavan’s and thank them for all of their assistance. Bhavani compliments them on how they manage the orphanage and promises to always be there to help them improve the lives of the orphan children. However, they insist on reopening the clinic they established at the orphanage.

Meanwhile, the orphanage woman informs Bhavani of their aim to build a medical in the orphanage itself, which will be beneficial to them. She pushes on Virat to be the guest of honor in order to cut the ribbon. Chavan, on the other hand, requests that the doctor do it. Bhavani asserts that the doctor has the authority to perform the inauguration.

The lady suggests getting Virat and the surgeon together to cut the clinic’s ribbon. Chavan is pleased to hear about it, but Pakhi is surprised to see Sai there. Bhavani and Virat take note of her as the woman presents her to the Chavan’s. She claims that Sai is the ideal doctor for the clinic, but Bhavani is enraged and demands that she remove Sai from the premises. Whereas the lady inquires about the situation, Bhavani abuses Sai.

Furthermore, Virat defends Sai from Bhavani, who declares that Sai would wreck their lives once more. Virat sticks to his guns and asks the orphanage woman to keep Sai for the work. Pakhi also praises Sai, but the latter departs from there. Virat follows her, stopping to inform her of Vinayak’s adoption. He asks her to keep it a secret from him, while she becomes distraught upon learning about it. Bhavani, on the other hand, warns Pakhi about Sai and Virat’s relationship.

Precap:- Sai receives a call from Savi and feels concerned after hearing her cry. The phone is disconnected, and the latter becomes agitated. She enters the home and is taken aback by the preparations and celebration of Virat and Pakhi’s marriage anniversary.

She notices Vinayak and Savi dancing and entertaining themselves beside Virat and Pakhi. Sai becomes agitated and continues to stare at them, while they also stare at her. Vinayak and Savi approach Sai and shake her to get her to stop thinking.

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