GHKPM Written Update

The episode begins with Pakhi standing up for Sai and declaring that only the latter can treat Vinayak. She apologizes to the Chavan for bringing her without their consent but says she is doing it for Vinayak’s benefit. She grows upset as she urges their making the correct decision. Sai, on the other hand, recounts how she was persuaded to travel to Nagpur. She has flashbacks of discovering her and Virat’s picture with their kid Vinayak and crying as she recalls his death. She blames herself for her son’s death and then decides to assist Vinayak in making up for her previous error.

Sai informed Usha that she and Savi would be visiting Nagpur. Usha inquires about Sai’s sudden change of heart, to which she responds that she wishes to treat Vinayak before moving to Shimla with them. Virat, on the other hand, refuses to accept Sai’s assistance and asks her to leave.

Ashwini also lashes out at Sai, pleading with him to leave them alone. She declares that she no longer wants her in their lives, while the latter is pained by Ashwini’s comments but maintains emotional control. She is steadfast in her resolve, stating that she only intended to treat Vinayak and then go.

Pakhi, on the other hand, agrees with Sai’s choice and asks Virat and Ashwini to support it. She begs them to think about Vinayak and to let Sai heal him. Virat shreds a cheque and hands it to Sai, requesting that she leave them. She becomes enraged with him and shreds his check. She declares that no amount of money can purchase her dignity and declares that if they refuse to accept her assistance, she will go.

Sai leaves the hospital, while Pakhi is upset. She begs Virat to stop her, but he remains mute. Vinayak becomes aware of Sai’s presence and rises from his bed. He collapses on the floor while wearing his leg braces. He manages to escape the cabin and inquire for Sai and Savi, while Chavans is startled to find him walking again.

Ahead, Pakhi and Virat assist Vinayak as he collapses and returns him to his bed. He is always inquiring about Savi and Sai, but Pakhi conceals the facts from him. Ninad also informs Ashwini that she is wrong for not allowing Sai to heal Vinayak because of her history. He also speaks with Bhavani and tells her that Vinayak would be OK shortly. Savi and Usha, on the other hand, are waiting for Sai to return.

Savi is eager to meet Vinayak and brings him sugar floss. Usha becomes moved at witnessing their bond, while Pakhi asks Virat to strike out at her for bringing Sai there, but insists on allowing her to cure their baby. She believes that only Sai can heal him, whereas Virat acknowledges her claim but declares that he does not want Sai near his kid.

Furthermore, Virat receives a call from an international hospital informing him that everything is in order for Vinayak’s treatment. Pakhi sobs and walks away, leaving Virat in a quandary. Meanwhile, Sai returns to the bus stop and sobs as she recalls Ashwini’s treatment of her. She then purchases tickets to Kankauli, recalling her visit there with her son Vinayak, and becomes emotional.

Precap: Pakhi asks Virat to choose jewelry for her, while Sai arrives at the same moment. She shows the manager her ring and inquires about its value since she wishes to sell it. Virat spots her and purposefully reveals her wedding anniversary with Pakhi, as well as adorning her neck with a necklace. Sai removes the ring and walks away, claiming that it no longer has any value, while Pakhi takes up the ring and examines it.

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