Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) 28th September 2022 Written Update: Sai Decides To Shift To Shimla

The episode begins with Pakhi talking Vinayak with Ashwini, who forbids Pakhi from seeking Sai for assistance. She claims that if the latter returns to their lives, she would bring them further problems. Pakhi, on the other hand, considers her son Vinayak and decides to have him cured with Sai without informing anybody. She takes a major choice and fabricates an excuse to leave the hospital. She also lies to Ashwini about going to the temple and instead travels to Kankauli.

Here, Sai seeks to appease Savi by pleading with her to pardon her for her previous error. She asks Savi to go, while the latter gives Sai the quiet treatment. The latter, on the other hand, packs their belongings and informs Savi that she has a plan for her. She declares that she would really like to take her to a lovely location, while Usha encourages Savi and informs her that Sai is returning her to Nagpur.

Usha’s statements are denied by Sai, who informs her that she is bringing Savi to Shimla rather than Nagpur. She informs that she has received a job proposal from a hospital in Shimla, which she originally refused, but has now spoken with them again, and they have decided to hire her. She expresses a desire to relocate with Savi to a new location where they may live quietly.

Pakhi arrives somewhere, and Savi is delighted to see her. She inquires about Vinayak and Virat, to which Pakhi responds that they were unable to arrive and also informs her about Vinayak’s injury. Savi becomes concerned about Vinayak and requests that she bring him there so that Sai may heal him. However, Sai reminds Savi of her task and sends her out.

Pakhi approaches Sai and asks her to look after Vinayak. She begs Sai to save her son, but Sai refuses, claiming that her daughter Savi has suffered greatly since meeting Vinayak. She declares that she does not want to stress her kid any further and asks Pakhi to go. Sai refuses to assist Pakhi and mocks them for insulting her by leaving.

GHKPM 28th September 2022 Written Update Pakhi’s emotional request to Sai

Ahead, Pakhi informs Sai about Vinayak’s tumble down the stairs, which shocks the latter and causes her to sympathize with Vinayak. Pakhi begs Sai to assist her son, but the latter insists Virat will never let her. She expresses that she cannot afford to lose her self-esteem again, to which Pakhi apologizes on behalf of Virat and tells her that he would no longer interfere with her therapy. Sai again rejects and says she can provide the number of another doctor who can check into Vinayak’s case, but Pakhi refuses and insists on doing it herself.

Pakhi lashes out at Sai for giving Vinayak hope that he will be able to walk again. The latter remembers a flashback in which she encouraged him to walk using his legs. Pakhi chastises Sai for providing the youngster hope and chastises Sai for bringing her former love life into her professional life. She claims she came to see a doctor for her kid, but Sai is only concerned with Virat and their convoluted connection.

Furthermore, Vinayak is in excruciating agony, notwithstanding the doctor’s diagnosis of mental trauma. He advises the latter to speak with Vinayak, while Ninad advises him to bring Sai back, which Ashwini refuses. However, Virat phones Pakhi to inquire as to her location. She lies to him and inquires about Vinayak, who becomes agitated and states that he is not responding to any therapy. He invites Pakhi to the hospital so that they may speak with other physicians.

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Precap: Pakhi asks Virat to choose jewelry for her, while Sai arrives at the same moment. She shows the manager her ring and inquires about its value since she wishes to sell it. Virat spots her and purposefully declares her wedding anniversary with Pakhi, as well as adorning her neck with a necklace. Sai removes the ring and walks away, claiming that it no longer has any value, while Pakhi takes up the ring and examines it.

The episode begins with Virat shouting out at Bhavani and accusing her of being responsible for Vinayak’s illness. He scolds her for putting Vinayak through so much misery, then storms out of there. Bhavani is taken aback by his actions and declares that Sai is unlucky for them. She claims that everything has been going wrong since they heard her name in their house. Pakhi, on the other hand, attempts to soothe Bhavani. She also apologizes for Virat’s actions, claiming that he was only concerned for Vinayak. She tells Bhavani that Virat did not mean what he said to her and asks her not to take his comments seriously.

Bhavani nods in agreement with Pakhi’s comments. She becomes enraged when she thinks about Sai, but Virat seeks to get the best specialists for his baby. Furthermore, Savi longs for Vinayak and resolves to contact him. Pakhi receives the call while holding Vinayak’s phone. When Ashwini and Bhavani see the name, they tell Pakhi not to accept it.

Bhavani demands Pakhi cut Savi’s call and requests that the number be deleted as well. She declares that it is preferable for their family to avoid Sai and Savi. Savi, on the other hand, is distressed and informs Sai that Vinayak has not returned her call. Sak requests that she forget about Vinayak, but the latter refuses. She begins to weep, while Sai feels frustrated and unable to manage the situation.

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