Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd September 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Sai entering her room. She begins breaking everything in order to vent her rage and frustration. She has a breakdown and weeps her heart out. She collapses as she remembers Virat and Pakhi’s relationship. She screams that she and Savi were pleased without Virat and declares that she does not want him in their lives. She blames God for her destiny and claims that she would be better off without Virat. Moreover, she thinks her dad standing in front of her. She hurt her hand while throwing objects and sobs while staring at them. Her dad, on the other hand, expresses concern for her and requests that she treat the wound.

Sai appears at her dad Kamal as he informs her that they cannot ignore the wound and that it must be treated to avoid further injury. He claims that Virat and Pakhi’s connection has an impact on Sai, which she refuses to acknowledge and tells him she does not require him in her or Savi’s life. She announces that she doesn’t even give a damn about his presence and that she has moved on with her life.

Kamal grins at Sai and tells them she wouldn’t have responded the way she did if Virat hadn’t affected her. She avoids searching at him, while he assures her that it is fine to express her frustration and anger. He declares that he comprehends her emotions for Virat and that she can’t hide them from him because he can learn her eyes.

Elsewhere, Sai declares that Kamal is incorrect in her claim and reiterates that she is unconcerned about Virat and Pakhi’s connection. She declares that only Savi is important to her and that she will go to any length to defend her. Kamal claims that as Savi’s mother, she has complete authority over her. Sai also expresses her concern about losing Savi, but Kamal reassures her.

GHKPM 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Sai holds Kamal responsible for his promise to marry her to Virat. She claims that Pakhi and Virat were in a connection before Kamal intervened, causing all of the complications. She claims that he was mistaken, to which he responds that it was already authored in their fate. He claims it occurred for the good, while she denies it.

Virat prepares to leave Kankauli while Pakhi assists him in putting on his shirt and plaster. She attempts to stop him by claiming that his situation isn’t common, which he denies, and declares that he can’t wait for even just a second longer. Mohit also expresses concern for Virat, who questions whether Mohit will stare after him. Vinayak is shocked and saddened to learn that they are leaving.

While Chavan starts calling them and speaks to Virat and then Pakhi, Virat and Pakhi start making Vinayak understand. They also desire the latter a happy birthday, and Virat says sorry for trying to forget about it. She guarantees him while Chavan continues to ask for the gift, to which she responds that she simply wants them around each other. Harini refuses to wish Pakhi, causing Omkar to become irritated.

Savi becomes worried for Sai after seeing her wound and requests to see Vinayak, who refuses. She prepares to go in search of Usha and warns Savi to be cautious. Moreover, Usha overhears Pakhi and Virat’s discussion. Sai confronts her and tells her that they have already decided to move on with their lives and that she should not inform him about Savi. Usha agrees with Sai and departs, while the latter is saddened by their discussion. Virat walks out of the room, followed by Sai, but Pakhi notices her.

Precap: Sai provides Savi with a rose and tells her that she adores it, and Savi is overjoyed and cuddles her mom. She then provides it to Vinayak, telling him that he is her closest buddy, and he smiles and thanks her. He then hands it over to Virat and asks if he won’t give it to Pakhi for her birthday. As a result, Virat becomes perplexed, just as Pakhi arrives and notices the rose in his hand. Vinayak covers up behind a chair, smiling at his mom and dad.

The episode begins with Sai tending to Virat’s injuries while confronting her about Jagtap and their connection. She refuses to answer him, claiming that because she did not inquire about his relationship or marriage with Pakhi, he has no right to ask her personal questions. She was about to stand up when he grabbed her wrist and demanded a response, while she became enraged and attempted to release her hand. She yells at Virat and tells him not to behave badly around her. He glares at her and declares that he will not leave her until she tells him the truth.

Vinayak enters Virat’s room with Pakhi, and Virat quickly releases Sai’s hand. Vinayak informs her that he has accomplished the workouts recommended by Sai and asks if he can accompany her to meet Savi. Virat becomes enraged and refuses his proposal, while Sai makes excuses and persuades Vinayak to remain with Virat and Pakhi.

Sai suggests that Vinayak encounters Savi when she awakens, and the latter appears to agree. Sai also informs the teasing that Virat and Pakhi want to talk alone because they are a couple and then leave. Vinayak also leaves, while Pakhi watches over Virat and tells him to remain calm. She becomes worried about his wellness, while he becomes worried about Sai and Jagtap’s moment.

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