GHKPM Written Update

The episode begins with Savi and Vinayak following some individuals to the fair. They are overjoyed when they arrive and vow to find their lost parents. Vinayak expresses worry for Savi and requests that she eat something since she is starving, which she declines and requests that she not waste time feeding. She insists that they discover his actual parents as quickly as possible, and he agrees and declares that they will also discover about her father. They have no notion where to begin their quest when a couple of approaches and directs them to the official release area in order to locate someone.

Vinayak and Savi had fun together and show off their board to everybody. They keep yelling for their parents to arrive. Meanwhile, Virat arrives at the fair with Sai and Pakhi. The latter contacts the Chavans to inquire about their location, and Bhavani promises her that they will arrive shortly. They are all concerned about the children, while Pakhi weeps over Vinayak.

Pakhi holds Virat and expresses her concern for her son, while Sai also takes him and expresses her care for Savi. He looks at each of them and tells them that he will find both of the children shortly. He assures Sai and Pakhi and then begins looking for them at the fair. They constantly ask people about the children and present images of them.

Sai, meanwhile, sobs but remains determined to locate her daughter. Savi and Vinayak, on the other hand, notice a woman conversing with two children. She promises them she will assist them in finding their parents and carries them with her. Savi assures Vinayak that she can assist them in learning about their parents, and Vinayak complies and follows them.

The lady offers the two lads a drugged drink and drives them away from the fair. They get wary of her and wonder why she called them out. She offers several reasons, but the lads try to flee but get comatose. She asks her companions to keep the children inside the car, which shocks Savi and Vinayak.

Ahead, Savi and Vinayak declare that the lady is nasty and begin to become terrified. They regret their mistake and decide to seek assistance in returning to their home. After noticing the agony in Vinayak’s legs, Savi stops him from walking. She chooses to go to aid, but she gets lost on the way. Vinayak is horrified when the child trafficking group spots her and imprisons her.

Vinayak wants to save Savi and the other children and devises a strategy. The thugs’ automobile was damaged, and the lady asked her partners to fix it. Meanwhile, Vinayak climbs inside the car and comforts Savi. The parents of the stolen children are concerned for their children, while Virat discovers that child traffickers are present at the fair.

Furthermore, Pakhi receives Vinayak’s call and leaves the fair to look for him, while Sai joins her. Pakho stands in front of the kid smuggler’s automobile as it runs over her. When she had an incident, the entire Sai arrives and is surprised to witness it. Savi and Vinayak, on the other hand, are sunned and keep yelling for Pakhi’s name.

Precap: The lady hits Sai, who slaps back. Vinayak continues to resist the thugs. Pakhi, on the other hand, unlocks the car door but is surprised to discover Savi and Vinayak missing. Everyone is concerned about them, and Chavan is taken aback when he sees the children standing near the blazing statue of Raavan. The children get terrified as Vinayak forcefully grips Savi to defend her, while Sai, Virat, and Pakhi tensely yell their names.

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