GHKPM Written Update

The episode begins with Virat planning to transport Vinayak to a cops’ training camp. He declares that his sofa will assist Vinayak in running and instructs the latter to get ready. Vinayak, on the other hand, informs Savi about it, and she insists on accompanying them. Vinayak hands over the phone to Virat, who makes a request and wishes to accompany them. She recalls her ambition to become a policeman and expresses a desire to attend the training camp. Virat, on the other hand, attempts to find a reason to reject her.

Virat informs Savi that the training camp is too far away for Savi to get to. She says she can handle it and expresses a request to him, but he makes her realize that he will bring her another time and that they are now focused on Vinayak’s training.

Savi hopes Vinayak is the best and urges him to try his best. While Sai kneels in front of God, Savi insists on taking her to the policeman training camp with Virat and Vinayak. She informs Sai about Virat’s apology to Savi, but Sai believes he doesn’t want her or Savi near Vinayak. She is concerned for the latter and wonders how he would be able to run with such rigorous training.

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Somewhere else, Sai warns Savi not to be arrogant and informs her that she would be unable to attend the training camp. Savi continues to press on her mother and attempts to persuade her to accept, but Sai remains solid in her choice and rejects Savi. She scolds the latter and orders her to leave the room. Savi becomes irritated with Sai and complains that everybody is criticizing her.

Virat welcomes Vinayak and Pakhi to his sofa at the cops’ training camp. The latter realizes Vinayak’s situation and expresses his trust in him. He guarantees that Vinayak will start racing and will win. Elsewhere, Vinayak complains about the sofa, but Pakhi stops him and asks for an opportunity.

The sofa begins Vinayak’s training and instructs him to sprint ahead. The latter works hard but is unable to run correctly. Pakhi and Virat are concerned about him yet continue to encourage him. The sofa stops Vinayak and tells him that if he goes that way, he would fail. He orders Vinayak to remove his braces, claiming that they are impeding his ability to run. Vinayak takes off his braces and resumes his arduous run.

Vinayak collapses, and Pakhi asks Virat if the training is beneficial to Vinayak. When she sees her son suffering, she becomes concerned, but Virat tells her not to question his decision. He screams some encouraging words to Vinayak once again, while the sofa places some weights on Vinayak and instructs him to run. Pakhi becomes tight, while the latter collapses and hisses in anguish. Pakhi pauses the training while the sofa says she can’t come in between and allows Vinayak some time to recover before declaring that they will resume the training later.

Sai becomes concerned about Vinayak and resolves to pay him a visit. She arrives at the training camp and gazes at Vinayak. She hides from others and communicates with Vinayak via phone call. She urges him to run for Savi and advises him to maintain his knees supple. He remembers his pledge to her and is reminded of Sai’s motivational words. He falls to the ground and eventually runs, and Pakhi confronts Sai and expresses her thanks to the latter for assisting him. Everybody is ecstatic when they watch Vinayak sprint smoothly.

Precap: Virat fights Jagtap while holding his collar. He declares that he will give him a lesson, as Jagtap reveals the truth about Savi being his child to him. Virat is startled and moves away from Jagtap. Sai, on the other hand, decides to depart the town with Savi. She was ready to board the train when Virat appears and grabs Savi’s hand, preventing her from proceeding. Later, Sai and Virat exchange glances and the latter is taken aback.

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