Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Pakhi being worried for Virat and crying upon witnessing his condition. She then approaches Vinayak and strokes his hair. He tells her that Virat would awaken soon and tell her how Savi’s mother assisted them and treated Virat. Savi, on the other hand, arrives and presents herself as Vinayak’s buddy. Pakhi expresses her affection for the kid and inquires about her mother in order to visit her and express her thanks. Meanwhile, Pakhi contacts Chavans, who continue to pray for Virat’s safety. She informs them of the situation, and everyone is taken aback.

Pakhi convinces the seniors of the Chavan family that Virat is safe and grants all credit to Savi’s mother. Chavan thanks the latter for saving their kid and declares that she was sent by God to assist them. Sai, on the other hand, has mental anguish after hearing their chat and hiding from Pakhi in order to keep her identity hidden from them.

Sai becomes disoriented and faint, while Jagtap arrives in time and assists Sai. Virat, on the other hand, becomes aware and enraged by Sai and Jagtap’s proximity. He stared down at them and grows enraged, while Pakhi rejoices at seeing him awake. She conveys her worry for him, but he continues to stare at Jagtap and Sai. Meanwhile, Jagtap pulls Sai out of the room and expresses his concern for her. Pakhi, on the other hand, stares in Virat’s way but doesn’t detect anything. She attempts to comfort Virat, but his injury begins to bleed. She, like Mohit, becomes concerned and goes to see Savi’s mother seek assistance.

Jagtap cares for Sai while she refuses to accept any further assistance from him. He asks whether she informed Virat about Savi, which she denies and says she will tell him when the time is perfect. He asks again if Savi understands the truth, to which she replies that he should keep away from her. She also tells him not to intrude on her privacy, just as Savi arrives and approaches them.

Ahead, Jagtap switches the subject and informs Savi about Sai’s condition. The latter chastises Sai for failing to look after herself and brings her inside. Pakhi and Mohit, on the other hand, are taken aback when they see Sai and mistake her connection with Jagtap. Pakhi confronts Sai, who claims that she only assisted Virat because he put himself in danger to save Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) 19th September 2022 Written Update

Vinayak reports that he is in agony in his leg, and Sai attends to him. Likewise, Usha requests that Sai discuss her sentiments with her, but the latter refuses. Usha expresses compassion, explaining that Virat only genuinely loves her, to which the latter responds that that was in the past and that Pakhi is now his true wife. She sobs but keeps her tears to herself.

Furthermore, Pakhi becomes conflicted after learning that Sai is still alive and approaches him. She queries her about why she did not return to Chavan’s house. Sai recalls her situation and how Virat failed to help her. She adds that she has no contact with Virat and invites Pakhi to see her spouse. The latter apologizes to Sai for all of her faults in the previous, but the latter refuses to forgive her.

Precap: Sai and Pakhi finally meet. Sai claims that she has changed dramatically over the years, while Pakhi remains the same. She declares that the latter adores Virat and is now wedded to him. Pakhi glances at Sai and says she is Virat’s new wife. She then requests Sai to join her at the Chavans’ home. While Sai watches.

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The episode begins with Sai and Virat rescuing Vinayak from Gulabrao’s thugs. Whereas the latter raises a pistol at Savi and pulls the trigger to shoot her, Virat leaps in front of her to save her. Sai is startled, and Gulabrao and his goon flee the scene. However, Sai approaches Savi and Virat and attempts to wake them up. She becomes anxious and screams for her child, but she abruptly wakes her eyes and stands up. Sai is overjoyed to find that Savi is okay and lavishes her attention on the latter. At the same moment, she spots Virat and discovers him unconscious. She grows concerned and pushes him, requesting that he wake up.

Sai is heartbroken as she sees blood flowing from Virat’s body. She quickly chooses to transport him to the headquarters to be treated. Vinayak and Savi are apprehensive, but Sai tells them that Virat will be OK and instructs them to obey her orders. She climbs into the car, followed by the children and Virat.

Sai recounts the day he instructed her how to drive a vehicle. She breaks out in tears and vows to save him. She on the car and drives to the offices, while Pakhi becomes terrified after speaking with Vinayak. She collects her belongings and decides to accompany Mohit to Kankauli to look at Virat and Vinayak.

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