Gulabrao hangs Savi with the crane at the opening of the episode. The latter yells for assistance while smirking and filming a video to transmit to Sai. He threatens her, saying she will be unable to protect her daughter. He smiles as he watches the scene and encourages Sai to come with her if she needs to assist her daughter. He hands the phone to his goon just as Virat and Sai, together with Vinayak, arrive. They rush out of the automobile and approached Gulabrao, while Vinayak worries about Savi. Virat instructs him to remain hidden inside the car and informs him of the danger.


Vinayak recognizes Virat’s comments and flees to the back of the car. While Virat and Sai approach Gulabrao, he prays for Savi. When he sees them, he grins and reveals to them where he has kept Savi. They are astonished to see the child, and Sai is concerned about her daughter. She commands the latter to remain calm and vows to save her.

Gulabrao mocks Sai’s situation and recalls how she behaved badly with him. He declares that he will exact his vengeance on her, while she tells him to leave her kid alone. She declares that if something happened to Savi, she will not leave Gulabrao. She feels anxious about her daughter as she continues to yell for rescue.

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