Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th September 2022 Written Update: Savi Treats Virat’s Wounds

The episode begins with Chavans cooking special foods for Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter Harini’s arrival. They are thrilled to bring her to their home, and Pulkit arrives before his child and meets all of the family members. Meanwhile, Virat is fighting Gulabrao and his thugs. The latter becomes enraged as Gulabrao disparages Sai and her personality. Virat defends the latter’s honor and issues a warning to Gulabrao. He also asks the latter to keep away from Sai and declares that he would not leave him if he bothers Sai again.

Sai is surprised to see the fight and attempts to stop Virat. She notices his injury and becomes concerned, but he refuses to stop himself from teaching Gulabrao a lesson. The latter speaks about his strength and declares his intention to hurt Virat, but he is unafraid and stands solid in his declaration.

Gulabrao hurries away from there with his men as soon as he gets the chance. He also threatens to murder Virat for striking him and then leaves. Virat was going to flee behind them when Sai stopped him and told him that she could handle her own affairs. She asks Virat not to become entangled in her problems, to which he responds that he would gladly do so.

Savi, meanwhile, congratulates Virat on his victory over Gulabrao. She expresses her delight at viewing the battle and then expresses concern for Virat after seeing his damaged face. They return to their home, and Sai attempts to help Virat, but he stops her. Savi arrives at that moment and cleans Virat’s apartment by herself. Vinayak, on the other hand, expresses his concern about Virat, and Sai reassure him and offers him the option to stay with them forever.

Chavans is overjoyed to see Harini, but the latter arrives and begins behaving badly with the family members. She hurries after Bhavani, who becomes enraged and demands that she apologize to her, but she refuses and points out Bhavani’s error. Pakhi steps forward to explain Harini’s error, but the latter refuses to listen to anybody and appears to be lost in her own world.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th September 2022 Written Update

Ahead, Bhavani requests that Pulkit leave Harini at their home and declares that the latter does not have to stay in the hostel, but she persists in pleading with her father to allow her to stay in the hostel but is unsuccessful. Pulkit informs Abki Devyani that she is in the hospital and claims that everyone would have been together if Devyani had not gone to receive treatment.

Chavans misses Devyani, but Harini is irritated by Chavans’ old fashion. She asks for space and refuses to obey all of their rules. At that moment, a lighter falls from her mouth, shocking everyone. Karishmai rushes to take it away from Harini, but the latter denies it and claims that smoking is extremely prevalent among her generation. Chavans attempts unsuccessfully to persuade her of the dangers of smoking.

Furthermore, Savi tends to Virat’s wounds while Sai becomes upset as the latter converses with Pakhi. Vinayak informs her of Virat’s injuries, and she becomes concerned and expresses her concern for the latter. Virat reassures her that he is alright and conceals Sai from them. Meanwhile, Usha confronts Sai about her emotions for Virat, but the latter refuses to acknowledge them.

Precap:- Sai attempts to help Virat, but he dismisses her. She also ceases showing sympathy for him and mocks his demeanor. He responds by taunting her and claiming that she has no feelings left. He confronts her and asks where she found Savi. While Sai continues to stare at Virat, he inquires about her parents.

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