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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Ashwini invites Bhavani for breakfast. Bhavani asks if he and Pakhi are fasting for Veen. They say yes. Bhavani says even she will fast for Vinu. Ashwini says she has high blood pressure and should not starve. Bhavani becomes adamant and says she doesn’t want Vinu to leave them. Sai cooks Savi and presents her with a locket with a photo of her and Veena. Savi feels happy and asks where are they going. Sai says she is asking a lot and asks her to shut up and eat some fruit. Savi laughs and says how will her fruit be if she keeps her mouth shut. She asks Sai to taste the fruit. Sai thinks she is fasting to make Vinu come and stay with them forever. Chavans serve food in the temple. Bhavani introduces Veena to the guests as her grandson and asks for their blessings for him. They bless him for many years of life.

Anandi also blesses Veena. Anandi holds the crying baby, informs that someone left the baby at the gate of the ashram 2 days ago and since then they are hoping that someone will come and take that baby. The child’s mother watches from afar, hiding. Vinu feels sorry for the child and says that even he was abandoned in the ashram. Bhavani asks him not to say this as he is son of Chavan family. Sai brings Savi to the temple. Savi says was it the surprise she was talking about. Sai says today is Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s wedding anniversary and asks her to get up while she brings prasad. Sai enters the temple premises. Vinu notices her and happily rushes to her. Savi shows her pendant with their photos and says that Aai gave it to her so that she could see his photo when she missed him.

Bhavani thinks if Savi is here, even Sai should have come. Sai walks in, leaving the elder Chavans fuming. Virat asks Mohit if he knew Sai was coming. Mohit says no. Sai goes to Savi. Pakhi holds Veena tightly. Bhavani tells Sai to go away as she wants to talk to her. Sai walks with her. Bhavani says she did wrong by suing and can’t win, so she should call him back and save her money and time. Sai says when Vinu was her patient she came from Kankauli for him and never went till now and now that she knows Vinu is her son, does Bhavani think she will go now. Bhavani says that Vinu is her grandson and she won’t let Sai take him away. Sai says that Veenu was with her for many years and she didn’t really consider him as her grandson, but when she found out that he came from her family, she showered her love on Veenu. Bhavani says she always loved Veena as Virat considered him as his son. Sai says Virat considers even Savi as his daughter, why hasn’t she accepted Savi as her granddaughter yet. Bhavani shouts at her and says he will see her in court now. Sai says he will wait.

The child’s mother snatches the child from Ananda and runs away. Chavans surround him. Virat grabs the baby from her and orders the constables to arrest her. The mother asks to return the child. Virat asks what is the guarantee that this child is hers. Sai says there is one way to find out and hands the crying baby to her mother. The child stops crying. Sai says it must be the child’s mother. Virat asks the mother what is the guarantee that she will not abandon the child again. The mother says that she is an unmarried mother and does not know what the future is for her and her child, and therefore was forced to take the extreme step. Virat tells her about the difficulties faced by a single mother and asks Ananda to examine the mother properly and only then hand over the baby to her. Sai says if he understands mother’s pain so well, when will he give her son back. Virat is silent.

Sai performs pooja for both his children. Chavans perform pooja for Vinayak. Pandiji asks Sai where is her other child and family. Savi says her family is here and asks Virat and Veena to come and do the pooja with them as Panditji said pooja should be done with family. Pakhi threatens Virat to stop acting nice and sit with his son. Savi holds Virat’s hand and asks him to accompany her.

Preparation: Virat dreams of Pakhi running holding Vinayak and Savi’s hands in dreamland and then studies his Sai. Sai says she was waiting for him, now they all can stay together. Virat holds her hand. He wakes up and smiles, whispering Sai’s name. Pahi hears him.

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