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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Chavans reacts after Sai sends an official notice to Virat and Pakhi about Vinayak’s custody. Omkar asks how can she send a message just like that. Ninad says that it mentions allegations which show that Virat and Pakhi illegally obtained surrogacy and faced criminal charges and even now tried to send Veena away, so Sai filed a complaint against Virat and Pakhi; according to Sai, she is Vinu’s real mother and has the first right to her; she won’t pursue them if they return Vin to her. Ashwini asks how Sai can do this. Bhavani says Sai has always created problems for them and she is not surprised by Sai’s act. Shivani says any mother would want to keep her child with her, even Pakhi would do the same. Bhavani shouts at her not to interfere between their family. Sonali shouldn’t take Veena away from them and the question is whether her mother should do it. Omkar says they have to do something.

Pakhi says she knows what to do, she will take Veena to London and asks Virat to file her visa. Bhavani warns her not to think of taking Veena away from them. Omkar suggests hiring a good lawyer as it is a legal matter. Bhavani asks Neenad to hire the biggest lawyer of Nagpur. Ninad asks them all to stop making their own verdicts and think if they want to fight Sai or if they are thinking of keeping Veena in their house. He suggests Virat to go talk to Sai and solve the problem amicably. Virat thinks Sai will talk to him after humiliating her like this. At Sai’s home, Savi is writing homework for her and Vinu as Vinu skipped class and says that Vinu is not even answering her call. Sai thinks that Virat is stopping even Savi from talking to Vinu, even though he is even Savi’s father. Door bell. Sai opens the door and sees Vinu standing. She pampers Vinya emotionally. He asks Veena what happened to her. Savi says Aayi missed him. Vinu shows the gold chain given to Bhagawan and says that everyone at home was behaving strangely and expressing as if they loved him a lot. Savi says she loves her dad a lot. Virat walks in and says that even he loves Savi a lot and asks if she has forgotten him. Savi says that she has never forgotten him. He gives her cotton candy. She is happy.

Virat tells Sai that he wants to talk to her about something important. Sai says he doesn’t want to. He asks for her and takes her out. Sai says he brought Veena here as she sent him an official message. Virat says why did she leave like that. Sai says she had no choice as their relationship had already reached the police station and it doesn’t matter if it goes to court, he and his wife forced her to go the legal route by not allowing her to see her son. Virat says that along with Vinu, he is also Savi’s grandmother and cannot separate his two children from each other. Sai says that even then he did. Virat says just for a day and they know what happened after that, she shouldn’t blame him for it. Sai says that he and Pakhi are one, recalling how he hugged and comforted Pakhi. Virat says let’s not create differences between their children and asks her to withdraw her case. Sai says this is the only way for her to bring Veena back to them. Virat says is it right to separate Veena from his family, she is trying to take Veena away from her mother, whose mental state is not right and she may kill herself.

Sai says she will only think about herself and her son and asks if he thinks it is right to let Veena stay with a woman who can kill herself or anyone, Pakhi brought his gun and such a mentally unstable woman can even harm people around . Virat says Pakhi will never harm Veen. Sai says that’s what he thinks and not her, she will take the legal route to get her son back. Virat says she should think about what Veena will think when she finds out that both his mothers fought over him. Sai says Vinu will never go to court because of her. A saint passes by and blesses their jodi. Virat recalls the quality moments spent with Sai. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hai… the song is playing in the background. Sai walks away saying they are not jodi. Saint tells Virat that a man can break a god made jodi, they can stay together or separate like two banks of a river. Virat believes that the river banks will converge at some point, like he and Sai used to.

While feeding Veena food, Pakhi asks if it’s okay if she homeschools him. He says he will go to school as he can meet Savi there. Virat asks him not to worry as Pakhi asked the same. Veena asks why Savi said he was going to stay with them and even the doctor aunt prepared a bunker bed for him and Savi. Pakhi throws water in shock. Virat says Vinu will stay with them forever, I guess Sai said that. Mohit informs him that Bhavani is calling him downstairs. Virat comes down. Bhavani gathers the family and asks Virat what Sai said. Virat says Sai is not ready to listen and wants to go to court. Bhavani says she knew, so she hired Nagpur’s biggest lawyer. Omkar says he already spoke to the lawyer, no one can take away Veena from them. Bhavani says they will serve food to the shelter through Veena and perform pooja for him, let’s see how Sai will wrest Veena from them.

Preparation: Virat dreams of Pakhi running holding Vinayak and Savi’s hands in dreamland and then studies his Sai. Sai says she was waiting for him, now they all can stay together. Virat holds her hand. He wakes up and smiles, whispering Sai’s name. Pahi hears him.

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