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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sonali says Pakhi doesn’t trust her and thinks she can’t stop Sai from taking her son. Bhavani says she would go to any extent to keep her grandson with her, Sai wouldn’t do anything in front of her. Karishma says Sai would do what a mother would do to get her child back, it’s not Sai’s fault, Vinu should be with Sai, even last time the same problem happened. Sonali warns her to stop protecting Sai, Veena is Pakhi’s son not Sai’s as Pakhi gave birth to him, Sai already has Savi and he doesn’t need another son. Karishma, what kind of logic is this. Ashwini asks them to stop arguing, she is worried about her grandson coming home safely, they can solve it later.

Pakhi gives games and snacks to Veen and asks him to never leave the room as he is safe here. Veena asks if she will stay with him. She says she has an important job and will be back soon, and until then he can’t leave the room and play games. She thinks she needs to spend the night at someone’s place, then she will leave this resort and stay in Dubai until she gets her London visa.

Sai, on his way to the resort with the police, looks at her and Veena’s photo and prays to reunite her with her son or else she will not be alive. Bhavani cries that the one she pampered betrayed her, she loved Pakhi so much but Pakhi ran away with her grandson; she won’t feel sorry for Pakhi if anything happens to Vinu; Pakhi knows what happened last time when Sai took away Veena. Ninad says Pakhi made a mistake. Bhavani says repeated mistakes are sins, she will make sure Pakhi is punished for her sins. She cries loudly for her grandson. Ashwini and Sonali console her. Ashwini asks her to trust god. Bhavani prays to God to send her grandson home safely.

Virat reaches the resort, followed by Sai. Sai gets angry seeing him and says she knew he would come here to help Pakhi escape from there. He says that she has mistaken him and thinks wrongly. Pahi spots them through the window and panics, thinking they have come to take her son away. Virat tells Sai that he came to know about his son after many years and would not have sent his son away from him and his parents. Sai says that she will get her son back at any cost and warns him that only she will go to the resort and not him. Pakhi thinks she can’t let them take her son away from her and looks at her purse.

Virat tells Sai that now Pakhi will only listen to him and begs her to let him go first. Sai warns him to get out of her way. Pakhi makes Vinayak sleep, switches off the lights and asks him not to come out until she returns. She goes to another room ordered by her. Virat asks Pakhi not to visit Pakhi. Inspector Wagmare asks Virat to back off as he cannot participate in the investigation. Virat thinks how to inform Sai that Paki has his signature weapon. Pest control workers spread mosquito smoke. Virat pushes him towards Sai, runs into the resort and locks the door. The manager asks who he is. Virat shows the ID and asks him not to let anyone in and did Patralekha Chavan check in at the hotel today. The manager says no, but after seeing Pahi’s photo, says she checked in to room 203. Virat runs to the room. The manager says she has booked 2 rooms. Virat does not hear this.

Sai visits Chavan Niwas with a lawyer and, showing legal documents, challenges Virat and Pakhi that she will take her son away from them at any cost. Bhavani asks Sai not to uproot their son from the family and accepts Sai and Savi as part of the family. Sai explains to Bhavani that she is Veena’s mother and it is her right to take her son back. She explains that she will take care of Veena and give him all the love and care he deserves.

Bhavani understands Sai’s point of view and agrees to let Sai take Veena with her. She requests Sai to keep Veena with her and let him stay with his family whenever he wants. Sai agrees and promises to take care of Veena. Virat and Pakhi are relieved and thank Sai for understanding their situation. Everyone is happy and relieved that the matter is resolved and Veena is back with his family.

The episode ends with Sai and Virat sharing a hug, thanking each other for understanding the situation and resolving the matter peacefully. Everyone is happy and relieved that the matter is resolved and Veena is back with his family.

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