Today’s Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 2nd October 2022 episode begins with Patralekha bringing Virat to buy for jewellery their wedding and asking him for his thoughts on specific choices.

Virat, on the other hand, is deep in contemplation and isn’t paying enough attention to Patralekha.

Just then, Virat is alerted by Sai’s voice in the jewelry shop, and he recalls Sai and Jagthap together.

Virat, moved by envy, grabs a necklace from the store and places it on Patralekha, explaining that he wants her to have the most valuable jewelry on their anniversary.

Sai turns around when he hears Virat’s voice and is saddened to find Virat and Patralekha together.

Sai walks away from the jewelers, leaving the ring she came to sell behind.

Virat is thrilled to have scored a point with Sai and idolizes Patralekha’s jewelry.

Patralekha is surprised to see Virat’s attitude alter, but she is saddened to see Sai behind it.

Later, Patralekha considers the ring that Sai has left her as Virat pays for their purchase.

What brings Sai here to sell her ring?

How much longer will Virat and Sai struggle with their affection for one another?

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