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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Virat reaches Varsha’s area and sees Sai removing ash from her forehead. He asks if she is okay and if Kumble misbehaved with her. Sai says she slapped Kamble and taught him a good lesson. Virat asks why she faced the crook and risked her life. Sai asks who is he to question her. Virat thought what would happen to him, he meant Savi if anything happened to her. Sai says she is just a guest in his house, he should do his business and she should do her business, she is doing her duties properly. He asks where she is going now. She tells her daughter. He says then let us go. She asks why she will go with him. He says that when they go there, she should accompany him. She agrees after long arguments and gets into his car. He recalls being told by his subordinate that Kemble throws ash at an enemy before harming him/her. Sai asks why he stopped, lets go. He is in charge.

Savi and Veena are playing badminton. Ashwini encourages them. Pahi smiles from the balcony. Virat and Sai enter. Vinu gets upset seeing Sai and runs to Pakhi saying she doesn’t want to be with Sai. Savi tells Virat that she was waiting for him and wants to play badminton with both Baba and Aai. Virat says not now. Savi asks if he went to bring aayi. Virat says she can think like that. Sai says he has to take and drop ayi everyday and asks Sai to accompany baba everyday. Sai says lets talk about it late and take her. Savi insists to play the game with Aai, Baba and Veena. Sai looks at Veena hiding behind Pakhi and says let’s go in now and send her. She tells Virat that they have created a huge distance between her and Veena, soon he will hand over Veena to her. Virat says if she faces any problem at night, she should call him. Sai leaves, saying he can take care of himself.

At night, Virat orders his subordinate to send him Ajay Kamble’s criminal records. The subordinate sends Kumble’s protocol and asks if anything happened. Virat says he will tell him later. He checks Kemble’s records and finds child abduction and many other cases against him. He thinks Kemble is very dangerous, he needs to protect her. Pakhi accuses him of not paying attention to her since he entered the room and as if chatting with Sai all day wasn’t enough that he is chatting with her even now. Virat is shocked and asks what she is saying, she is wrong. He hears a sound at the gate and runs out thinking that Kamble’s men are trying to harm Sai. He notices two young people drinking alcohol and warns them not to drink alcohol in public. Then he goes back to his room. Pakhi again accuses him of behaving like a teenager and went to the outhouse to meet Sai. Virat warns her to shut up and asks if she thinks the whole world is behind her husband or if her husband is having an illicit relationship. Neither he nor Savi think about each other all the time and his Pakhi is constantly thinking about them and getting restless thoughts, he has a better job than all of his etc.

After some time, Kemble jumps over the wall in Chavan Niwas, enters the wing and kidnaps Savi. Savi screams baba. Virat wakes up and realizes that it was his nightmare. He goes and sits by the outhouse to protect Sai and Savi. Feeling cold and threatened by mosquitoes, he finds Sai’s sari drying nearby and sleeps with it draped over him. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. the song is playing in the background. The next morning, Pakhi wakes up to find Virat not by her side. She peeks out and sees Virat sleeping near the outhouse with Sai’s saree covering him. She approaches him, yelling that she warned him not to act like a teenage lover, but he doesn’t listen. She takes scissors and tears the saree.

Preparation: Pakhi frames Sai’s mistake, mounts it on the wall and tells Virat that he can watch her while entering and leaving the house instead of hiding in it in her clothes. Sai discovers the missing earring. Pakhi shows her earring and asks if she is looking for that earring.

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