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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sai with constable Varsha visits Virat’s office when he is busy having lunch with Pakhi and tells him that she has come to lodge a formal complaint. Pahi says she has to come after dinner to file a formal complaint. Sai says she works in a hospital and came here during her lunch break. She says she will wait outside for them to finish eating and waits in the waiting area. Virat finishes his lunch in a hurry and tries to leave but Pakhi stops him and asks him to wait till she finishes her lunch. He agrees. She slowly finishes her lunch. He tries to get up again. She stops him again and insists on having candy. Virat hastily finishes the sweets. Pakhi slowly walks out to Sai and offers her tiffin saying she must not have had lunch.

Savi presses Bhavani’s feet and asks if she is fine. Bhavani says yes and asks if she enjoyed playing the chor-police/thief-police game yesterday. Savi says masta masta, she really liked it. Bhavani says she should plan a game with her family that will involve even her baba if you want to patch up her parents. Savi agrees. Sai explains Varsha’s domestic violence case to Virat. Virat confronts Varsha for enduring domestic violence as a police officer. Sai asks him not to ask why she endured domestic violence and instead should help Varsha fight her husband. Virat assures to help Varsha and sends her away. She then tells Sai that Varsha’s husband Ajay Kumble and Karishma’s ex-boyfriend Vikrant are politician Pawar’s men and very dangerous, so she should be careful and stay away from this case. Sai says she is not his family member and so he need not worry about her.

Sai goes by car. A car rams her car from behind several times and then she is told to stay out of other people’s business or she will repent. Virata’s underling informs him that Kemble is very dangerous and is tightly controlling her territory. He throws ashes at his victims and then kills them. Sai calls the number back and finds that it is unavailable. She calls Varsha and asks if the number belongs to her husband and if he is at home. Varsha says she is going home and asks if he did anything. Sai takes her address and returns home. She asks her to call her husband. Her husband comes out and cheekily asks who she is. Sai asks him to leave the house and says that she is Dr. Sai Joshi. He approaches her and asks if she is not interfering in his family affairs, if she was scared when his car rammed her car. Sai gathers the neighbors and slaps him hard. Varsha calls Virat and informs him that Sai is in her house and slapped her husband, asks him to go there and save Sai. Kumble smears ash on Sai’s forehead and warns her to kill her in her own house. Sai says she is not afraid of him as she is a policeman’s daughter.

See also  Saumya Saraswat on being part of Imlie: Work is my first priority and I feel privileged to play a grey shade character in a daily soap | Mar 5, 2023, 10.25 PM IST Saumya Saraswat was previously a part of the supernatural saga, Pishachini playing the role of Nikita Rajput. She is currently portraying the role of Keya, Akash’s wife, in popular daily Imlie post the generation leap. Saumya, before auditioning for Keya I was already auditioning for a lot of lead roles. I was looking forward to them, but suddenly I got an opportunity to work as Keya and I was mesmerized by the kind of character it offered. I am learning a lot through this character as it has some different vibe." She further adds, "Firstly it was my dream to play a grey character and not everyone gets this chance. This character is quite strong, Keya has an independent thinking, she is not dependent on anyone and plus she is very dominating. I really love the weightage this character is carrying around." Adding more to this she says, "People connect to the positive characters very easily, but it feels interesting to play a grey-shade character. Also this character is smart, good taste in fashion, Keya is not a regular vamp on television she is modern, selfish. I love playing such a character which is subtle, unique and stands out very differently." Lastly she adds, "As an actor I would like to be more versatile playing different characters and imbibing those real vibes of the character within me. I am eagerly waiting for such opportunities and this current role will definitely lead me to explore more interesting characters in future and entertain my fans." Imlie stars Megha Chkraborty, Karan Vohra and Seerat Kapoor in lead roles. -

Opening: Pakhi yells at Virat what is happening. Virat says he didn’t go to Sai’s office to pick her up. He notices a shadow near the outhouse and worries for Sai and Savi’s lives. He sleeps near the outhouse and, feeling cold, covers himself with Sai’s sari. A jealous Pakhi tears the saree while Virat sleeps.

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