Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 1st October 2022 Written Update: Virat Stops Savi

The episode begins with Sai planning to leave Nagpur and purchasing plane tickets to Kankauli. She feels distraught as she recalls the loss of her son Vinayak. She suddenly regains control and walks over to Usha and Savi. The latter questions her about Vinayak and Virat, which irritates Sai and instructs her daughter not to question her. She asks her to sit quietly inside the bus, but Savi becomes angry and expresses her desire to meet Vinayak. Sai was ready to reprimand Savi when Usha intervened and explained the situation to her. She persuades the latter and boards the bus.

Sai’s eyes well up with tears as she recalls events from her past. Pakhi, on the other hand, watches after Vinayak and speaks brutally to Virat. She inquires about their travel schedule to get abroad for Vinayak’s treatment, while Virat realizes his error and discards all tickets and boarding passes. He gets teary-eyed and asks Pakhi where he can locate Sai.

Pakhi is overjoyed when she hears Virat’s voice and approaches him. She asks him to look after her at the bus stop, concerned that she may have fled. She asks him to rush, while he exits and contacts the bus station to inquire about the schedule. He accelerates his automobile and attempts to outrun the bus. When he arrives at the bus stop, he discovers that the bus has already departed.

Meanwhile, Virat attempts to overtake the bus, as Sai continues to reflect on her life. While Virat eventually stops the bus and comes out of his car, the song “Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Mein” plays. He enters the bus, tells Sai about her belongings, and asks her to go. She is startled to see him and walks away to chastise him. She asks Savi and Usha to remain inside the bus, but they follow her out.

Sai becomes agitated and scolds Usha and Savi for exiting the bus, while Virat forces them to sit inside his automobile. He takes their baggage and instructs Sai not to cause any drama. She scolds him and confronts him, while he declares that he is not the same Virat she left. He claims that he would do everything for his kid and requests that she treat Vinayak.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st October 2022 Written Update

Ahead, Sai claims that she merely came to heal Vinayak, but Virat caused a problem. He responds that he does not want her near his son but is unable to stop her. She, on the other hand, accuses him of the death of their son Vinayak. He is enraged with her, yet he suppresses his rage. She informs him about her criteria for returning to him. She informs him that their previous connection is gone and that he would never intrude on her personal matters. He complies with her terms and returns her to the hospital.

Pakhi gets chastised by Ashwini for phoning Sai. She claims she is causing difficulty for herself, to which the latter responds that she is just concerned about Vinayak’s treatment. She claims she understands Ashwini’s concern for her and attempts to soothe her. She tells him that everything will be well. Mohit expresses his concern for Pakhi, who promises him that her choice would be correct.

Vinayak also misses Savi when the latter appears in his cabin, which surprises him. She discovers Bhavani has blocked her phone number and resolves to teach her a lesson. Chavan also arrives, as Sai converses with Vinayak and provides him hope that he will recover. He is inspired by her, while Virat leaves and Pakhi follows. He scolds her and asks if she needs him to acknowledge her notion, to which she responds that he is a wonderful parent. While Sai looks on, he feels upset and hugs him.

Precap: Pakhi asks Virat to choose jewelry for her, while Sai arrives at the same moment. She shows the manager her ring and inquires about its value since she wishes to sell it. Virat spots her and purposefully reveals her marriage anniversary with Pakhi, as well as adorning her neck with a necklace. Sai removes the ring and walks away, claiming that it no longer has any value, while Pakhi takes up the ring and examines it.

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