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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sai takes Vinayak to his hospital cabin and teaches him how to be a doctor. She plays the role of a patient and lies on a bed. Vinoo plays the role of a doctor and jokes about Sonali writhing with an upset stomach after eating butter pancakes. Sai laughs. Satya enters. Sai feels alarmed and asks how he can enter his room without kicking the door down. She slides out of bed. Satya holds her. She screams how dare he touch her. He leaves her and she falls and sprains her ankle. He confuses Veena, asks Sai’s son. Vinu says that she is his doctor aunt and not his mother. Sai is sad. Nurse Sheetal enters. Sai asks her to call the patients. Satya asks her to treat her sprain first as it might lead to a fracture. Sai refuses, but writhes in pain. Satya asks Veena to convince his doctor aunt. Sai agrees to Vinu’s insistence and sits on the bed again. Satya asks Veena to help him. Sheetal records her video. Satya, who keeps Sai busy talking to Veen, twists her ankle and stretches it. Sai screams in pain, but then feels fine. Satya continues to flirt with Sai and leaves with Sheetal.

Pahi video call to Vinayak. Vinayak informs that he is in doctor aunt’s hospital and he is learning a lot and enjoying himself, no doubt his school presentation will be the best tomorrow. He hangs up saying he has to go somewhere with his aunt the doctor. Pahi feels disappointed. Virat decorates his room with flowers to have romantic moments with Pakhi. Pakhi calls him and shouts how dare he send Veena with Sai without her permission. Virat says it was necessary for Veenu’s project. Pahi screams for the project not to live up to its evil plan. Virat asks her to calm down and come home first, he has a surprise for her. Pahi continues to scream and breaks the call.

In the evening, Virat throws a pizza party for him, Savi, Sai and Veena by the pool. Sai asks Veena how her day was. Savi says it was boring as baba was busy with files and not doing anything at all. Virat says that the police station is always free of gunfights and chases. Vinu says his day was exciting and he really enjoyed talking to Dr. Satya who treated Sai for sprained ankle. He shows the video to Virat. Virat asks Sai if Satya is the one who was bothering her, how could she let him near her and Veena. Sai says its a long story. Virat watches the video and says this is the one who bumped into him the other day and had her bangle. Vinu says that he called Dr. Satya doctor cool and Dr. Satya called Dr. aunty as Dr. Chidka. Virat tells Sai that Satya is treating her sprain and recently held her bracelet. Sai says doctors forget their things in OT and that’s normal, he shouldn’t worry about it; she really enjoyed today with Vinu. Savi says let’s have a pizza party. They all love pizza. Sai feeds Veena pizza.

Pakhi returns to her room and is happy to see that it is well decorated. She doesn’t find Virat and Veena around and thinks they are in Sai’s room. She doesn’t find anyone even there and thinks that Virat listened to her and moved Sai and Savi somewhere else.

Preparation: Satya goes to the market with his mother to shop for the gudi padwa festival and meets Sai there. He introduces her to his mother. Mother asks Sai if she is not married as she is not wearing sinhoor and mangalsutra. Satya stops her. Mother stops Sai and chats with her. Seeing Sai’s dupatta stuck in the wheel, Virat pulls her aside. His mother misunderstands him as a roadside jerk and scolds him.

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