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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Savi tells Sai that she has found out that Virat is her biological father and so she will not have cotton candy from now on. Sai asks who informed her about this. Savi remembers what she promised Bhavani and says she can’t. Sai asks why not. Savi says she knows Aayi and Baba had a fight so they are not staying together. Sai insists on telling her who told her that. Savi says she promised someone a little finger, so she can’t. She offers her to make up with her grandmother and feels excited to stay with her grandmother forever. Sai thinks Usha must have tipped her off and questions Usha who says she didn’t. Sai again questions Savi who says that Pinky has promised not to reveal the name.

Jagtap hands out roses to every passerby and wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day. Sai bursts in, slaps him and yells why he did that and why he keeps interfering in her life. Jagtap thinks she has come to know that he told Pahi the truth about Veen’s birth and reveals it. She shouts that he has ruined everything and asks why he told Savi that Savi is her and Virat’s daughter. Jagtap says no. Sai thinks who else could have informed Savi then.

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