‘Lavender Haze’ star Laith Ashley calls Taylor Swift very ‘protective’ of her art

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Gerard Pique’s girlfriend’s family treat Shakira track as ‘joke’: ‘They don’t really care’

The family of Gerard Pique’s flame Clara Chia Marti didn’t care about Shakira’s track with which she broke up with her new girlfriend.

As MARCA Journal, The 23-year-old PR scholar’s family has no point with the headline-making observations, however, they have issues with the media harassing their daughter.

quote VanititisThe publication revealed that Clara’s mother and father “don’t find it funny, that’s clear, but they don’t really care.”

However, they are concerned about the fines of the track on their woman, who is dealing with ever backlash due to the observation being turned on.

“They didn’t expect Gerard’s ex to do what he’s achieved, but that’s the way he portrays himself,” a friend of Clara advised the outlet.

Regarding Clara’s response to Shakira amid the ongoing controversy, the supply said, “Clara didn’t say anything or she wouldn’t say it, after all, she’s a girl.”

Speaking of her family, Supply said, they “took a lot of talk about the track as a joke”, including, “They’re more bothered by the press stories about Shakira than what her music says.”

“The harassment of the press, not being able to move freely, that bothers him, but a track that says that, it’s even funny,” added the insider.

Regardless of the rumors of Clara having a nervous breakdown, the supply claims that she is “calm and perfectly content” and that “her daily life is as usual”.

“Clara’s mom and dad already know PK and are ‘delighted’ with the ‘son-in-law’,” Pal said.

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