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Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Tanisha saying Ayan is fine, why didn’t you accept the job offer. Faltu says I will find a job, I will return your money. Tanisha says I am not in any hurry, you tell me where you will find a job. Ayaan asks Suhana about Tanisha. She says she may have gone to the bathroom. Sid is worried. Faltu asks why should I hide it. Tanisha asks her to say. Faltu says you have already done a lot for me, I promised you that I will stay away from Ayaan. Tanisha says you and Ayaan have a sindoor relationship. Faltu is shocked. Dadi asks about Tanisha. Ayaan says I don’t know. Thinking of going to see. Sid sees Kanika and asks did Tanisha call you, she didn’t come, she went to meet Falta. She asks what. Faltu asks what are you saying. Tanisha shows the video. Tanisha cries and says I know everything why you are doing this, I didn’t know that you pissed off my husband. She asks why did you say that you want to see Ayan happy. Faltu asks what can I say, you married Ayaan, I didn’t want to hurt your heart, sindoor was filled by mistake, it doesn’t matter, you are Ayaan’s wife, it’s true, I didn’t do wrong, I didn’t take job to hold on away from all of you. Tanisha says but you took Ayaan’s help to treat your dad. Suhana takes pictures. Dadi asks Ayan where is Tanisha. Ayan says I will go and see. Dadi says I don’t know where she is. Sumitra looks on.

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