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Faltu woke up on the 31st of January 2023, the day of her Written Episode Written Update on The nurses stopped her from leaving, as they were concerned that her vision would deteriorate if she did not rest. They asked her to think with her own eyes, which was even more important than that. Faltu thought of Ayan and asked if he was okay. The nurse informed her that he was still in danger, and that if she tried to open her eyes, she would lose her vision forever. She lay down and the nurse informed the doctor that she had regained consciousness.

Faltu prayed for Ayan and cried, while Kanika tried to console Janardhan. Govind reminded them that they had to wait and see how Ayan would respond to the treatment. Janardhan blamed Tanisha for the situation, and asked Sid to arrange for an appointment with the doctor. He wanted to know Ayan’s exact condition. Harsh tried to comfort him, saying that Ayan would be fine.

Tanisha cried and asked Kanika how she could see Ayan with someone else. Kanika tried to reassure her, saying that everything would be alright. Tanisha then saw Ayan, and told him not to worry, she would fix everything and take good care of him. She promised that he would recover and would not be able to stop himself from loving her.

Faltu asked the nurse to call Charan and Pratap. Charan was shocked to hear that Ayan had met with a big accident and was undergoing surgery. Janardhan saw Ayan and cried, blaming Tanisha. Pratap informed Charan that Ayan was on the same floor and would stay there for the night.

Faltu was unable to open her eyes, and the nurse reminded her not to open them. Charan tried to explain the situation to Faltu, saying that if she opened her eyes, she would lose her vision forever. Faltu cried for Ayan, saying that she had heard about his accident. Charan blamed himself, saying that he had scolded Ayan and sent him away with a broken heart, and that he may have been responsible for the accident.

Pratap arrived and informed them that Ayan was doing better, and that his family was also there. The nurse asked them to leave and Faltu thought of how she could go to Ayan. Tanisha said that Ayan might need them, but the nurse said that they would take care of it, and asked them to go home. Kanika asked if she could stay, but the nurse said that only one person was allowed, per hospital rules.

Kanika said that she would talk to the hospital marketing manager, so that her daughter could stay. Janardhan then asked Tanisha why she had spent 20 lakhs on Faltu. Kanika scolded him for talking to her like that, saying that Tanisha had only been trying to help Faltu, and had given the money to fulfill Ayan’s promise. She said that Tanisha loved Ayan and wanted him to be happy, and that the accident was not her fault.

Harsh and Sid tried to console them, while Janardhan asked Tanisha what her plans were. Kanika asked her to call if she needed anything, and then left. Tanisha then said that she was hearing these accusations because of Faltu, and that she had tried to snatch away her family and Ayan. She said that she would fill Ayan’s heart with poison about Faltu, as he hated her face.

Faltu then woke up and went to meet Ayan. When they met, Faltu cried while talking to him and apologized. She confessed her love for him, and Ayan looked at her in shock. Tanisha then came in and felt a shock.

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