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Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Tanisha getting worried about Ayan. She rushes and calls the doctor. The doctor asks her to come out. She asks if Ayan will be fine. He asks her to just leave. He heals Ayan. He goes to Tanisha and asks are you okay, sorry, you panicked, so I had to be rude to explain you, I don’t know what happened to Ayaan, something affected his mind. The nurse says that no one came. The doctor asks if you talked to the patient or someone else in front of him. She says no, I went out for 15 minutes, Ayaan’s condition worsened, how can he hear everything when he was unconscious. He says that he knows how to fear and understand, but he cannot react.

The nurses are looking for Falta. They see her hurt and take her. The nurse scolds Falta. Another nurse asks Falta if she’s okay. Faltu thinks I did wrong, but I feel at peace talking about my love. Tanisha says Ayan is better, we shouldn’t stress him. The family becomes happy. Savita says we will take care of him when he comes home. Janardhan asks what are you doing there, come home, you will feel bad, don’t worry, we will take Ayan home. He asks Savita not to cry.

He consoles her. Dadi says nothing bad will happen to Ayaan, Kinshuk goes and chooses Tanisha. Govind says no need, Sid took food for Tanisha, he failed to enter, he is sitting in car, I will call him, he will bring Tanisha. Janardhan asks when Sid became so smart, Ayaan makes mistakes because of Falta, I am so proud of Sid, ask him to take Tanu home.

It’s morning, the doctor is checking Falt’s eyes. She says I can’t see. Charan asks her what happened, is she not seeing. The doctor says that the operation was successful, the light is visible, he is slowly recovering, he will gradually see everything. He asks Falta to put on black glasses and let her eyes rest. Jamuna says now you see. She asks if I can play a cricket match in a month or my sight will come. The doctor says it’s difficult, but not impossible.

The family takes Falta with them. They see Tanisha and Sid. Jamuna asks who are they. Charan says she is Ayaan’s wife and he is his younger brother. He asks how is Ayan now. Tanisha says he is better now like you Falt. Faltu says I am fine. Tanisha says I am glad my hard work didn’t go in vain, didn’t you know that. Faltu says no.

Tanisha says tell me the truth, you didn’t think how 20 lakhs were arranged for you overnight, you didn’t know the donor’s name, I gave 20 lakhs for your surgery. Faltu is shocked. Tanisha says I am an angel through whom you dream to get your sight back, I didn’t want to tell this, but the situation is like this, now I feel light, this is the reason for Ayan’s accident. Faltu asks what the connection is.

Tanisha says Ayan didn’t know I am paying for your surgery, he came here to know the donor’s name, he argued with Charan, he was driving in anger and his car hit a tree. She is crying. Sid comforts her. He says Tanu is telling the truth, she didn’t want your dream to remain unfinished. Faltu asks what was needed, we would have agreed on the money. He says she did this to make you feel good, so Ayan focused on his married life.

Tanisha says I don’t want Ayan to worry about you, he should be happy that you are happy, he can move on with life. Faltu holds her hand and says I am happy in my life, I want Ayan to remain happy, I want to become a cricketer and fulfill my dad’s dreams. Tanisha says I know, I promise I will make your appointment. Faltu falls at her feet and thanks her. Tanisha asks her to get up.

Faltu says I will return your money. Tanisha says it is not necessary. Faltu says I will never return your favor. Tanisha thinks trust me you can return the favor by staying away from Ayan. Tanisha says I will make everything good in your life. Jamuna says you are Devi, I will pray for your and Ayaan’s happiness. Charan says take care of Ayan, we will go now.

Faltu says this is my promise, no sorrow will come in your life with Ayan, you both are made for each other, I will try my best so that no one comes in your life. Faltu is leaving with his family. Tanisha says we have to keep an eye on Falta, I don’t want to take any risk, we will take her to cricket academy, she will fall under my favor and never think about Ayan. She is leaving. Sid says I can’t stay happy seeing my love with someone else, you can plan and plot to take them out, but I will bring Ayan and Falta together.

Doctor says Ayaan is fine now, make sure he is not stressed. Savita goes to Ayan and says thank god you are fine. He says I m fine don’t worry. Dadi asks him how did this happen, where did you concentrate. He thinks about Charan’s words. Savita asks why are you asking this, we know Faltu is responsible for his condition.

Ayan asks if Faltu’s surgery went well, is she fine. Tanisha comes and says Faltu is fine. Precap: Tanisha says I solved your problem. Ayaan says you are right, she is ungrateful, her entire family is ungrateful.

Tanisha is determined to keep Ayan and Falta apart. She plans to take Falta to a cricket academy so she can fulfill her dream and stay away from Ayan. Sid, however, is determined to bring them together. He knows that Ayan and Falta are meant to be together and that no plan or plot of Tanisha’s will keep them apart.

The doctor warns them to make sure Ayan is not stressed. Savita goes to Ayan and says thank god you are fine. He says I m fine don’t worry. Dadi asks him how did this happen, where did you concentrate. He thinks about Charan’s words. Savita asks why are you asking this, we know Faltu is responsible for his condition.

Ayan is relieved to hear that Falta’s surgery was successful and that she is doing well. Tanisha tells him that it was her who arranged the money for Falta’s surgery, and that this is the reason for his accident. Ayan is shocked to hear this and is thankful to Tanisha for helping Falta.

Falta promises to stay away from Ayan and to never come between him and Tanisha. Tanisha promises to make sure Falta’s dream of becoming a cricketer comes true. Jamuna blesses them and prays for their happiness.

The family takes Falta with them and they leave. Tanisha is determined to keep Ayan and Falta apart, while Sid is determined to bring them together. They have different plans, but only time will tell what will happen in the end.

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