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Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with the nurse saying that the doctor is about to give Faltu anesthesia. Ayan says that he was just trying to help Faltu, but she was blaming him and insulting him in front of everyone. He wonders why she was doing this and then realizes that it must be because of the nurse. Ayan gets angry and storms out, vowing never to follow Faltu and the nurse’s way. Sid’s man saw everything and called Sid to inform him. Sid thinks that he cannot let Ayan and Faltu’s married life start and that he cannot lose her.

Meanwhile, Charan explains to Pratap that he did this for Ayan and Faltu’s happiness and that he wanted Ayan not to pay for his kindness. Ayan gets angry and remembers Charan’s words. He says that he was crazy to fall for Faltu and that people like her are ungrateful. He decides that he will never see Faltu’s face again.

Faltu, on the other hand, is also thinking about Ayan. Suddenly, Ayan meets with an accident and his blood pressure drops. The men take him to the hospital and the doctor says that he has to be shifted to the OT. Faltu imagines meeting Ayan and he says that he stopped his life for her to move forward and that he saw many dreams for her. He then says that he will never show her his face again and then goes away.

Pratap and Charan ask the nurse if the operation is done and she says that Faltu is in critical condition and the doctor has stabilized her. They are then directed to a temple to pray.

Meanwhile, Sid’s man sees Ayan being taken to the OT and finds out that he is Ayan Mittal. He calls Sid and tells him that Faltu has been operated on but Ayan has met with a big accident and his condition is critical. Sid and Tanisha rush to the hospital.

The doctor says that the relatives have to be informed and the operation has to be started. Sid and Tanisha arrive and Sid tells the family that Ayan has met with an accident and is in critical condition. Everyone is shocked and Savita wants to go to Ayan. Sid and Tanisha tell them that Ayan went to the hospital for Faltu’s surgery. Tanisha says that she paid for Faltu’s surgery but she is scared of what to say when asked why Ayan was interested in Faltu.

Janardhan calls Kinshuk and Ayesha and tells them to take care of everyone and to ask Harsh and Govind to come to the hospital. The nurses talk about Ayan’s surgery and Faltu hears this and reacts.

In the precap, Ayan meets Faltu and she cries while talking to him. She apologizes to him and confesses her love to him. Ayan wakes up and looks at her.

This episode shows how Faltu and Ayan’s relationship was affected by the nurse’s interference. Ayan was suspicious of Faltu and thought that she was ungrateful. He vowed to never see her face again. However, when he meets with an accident, Faltu realizes how much Ayan cares for her and how wrong she was to blame him. In the end, the family rushes to the hospital to be with Ayan.

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