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Faltu 28th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode begins with Faltu lying to her family. She thinks to herself, “I was saved today, but what will I do next time?” Kanika then asks Tanisha to pay by cheque. Tanisha replies, “No, I don’t want Ayaan to know the truth. Someone sent the video of Falt’s confession to Ayaan.” Sid then says, “I will find out.” Tanisha replies, “Ayan should not know about this. Thanks for giving me money in short notice.” Kanika replies, “Anytime. Everything is yours.”

Ayan then notices that there is no name of the donor on the cheque and asks about it. Faltu and her family then perform a pooja for her operation. She is praying for her recovery.

Sid and Tanisha then arrive at the hospital. Tanisha says, “Ayan is very upset.” Sid then sees Ayan and hides her. She then asks, “What are we doing here?” Sid replies, “He can see us. I won’t let you start over.” He then asks, “Does Ayan know that you are Falt’s donor?” Tanisha replies, “No.” The man then says, “One record is missing. I have to update it. Who is Falt’s donor?” Tanisha then calls the doctor and lies to him, saying that the donor is Anusha Raichand. The doctor then sends the man away. Tanisha and Sid then give the money to the doctor.

The man then tells Ayan about the donor, Anusha Raichand. Ayan then says, “That means Tanisha and Sid are not involved.”

Lajwanti then cooks for Falta. Jamuna is crying. Charan then says, “I will call you in the hospital after Faltu’s surgery. Happy days will come. Don’t worry.” Charan then asks Falta not to worry. He says, “I will be with you till your surgery is done. I will not come home till you come home.” Jamuna then makes Falta the light of action. Faltu cries and prays. Charan and Pratap then take her away.

Ayan is getting ready. Tanisha asks him, “Where are you going?” He lies about a meeting and leaves. She then says, “I know you are going to meet Faltu. It’s good. Go there and see what precious gift I have given to Faltu. I replied her with my eyes. You can never pay my favor.” Sid then asks, “Where did Ayan go? Hospital?” She says, “Yes. Send your husband and find out why Ayaan is there.” Sid then says, “I will talk.”

Charan and Pratap then take Falta to the hospital. The nurse then asks him to sign the form. Charan then says, “Leave everything to God.” Faltu then cries and asks, “Will I recover?” He replies, “Yes. Don’t worry.” She then gets worried and says, “Don’t leave me.” He replies, “We are here. We will wait for you outside.”

Ayan then comes to the hospital and asks for the details of Falta’s operation. The nurse then questions his relationship with her. He replies, “I am her friend.” She then says, “Just call your family member here then I will give you the information.”

Charan and Pratap then see Ayan. Pratap says, “Faltu asked us not to meet him.” Charan then says, “I will not leave him. We will not be afraid.” Ayan then asks Charan about Falta. Charan then says, “Faltu asked you not to meet her. Take pity on us.” Ayan then mentions Falta. Ayan then says, “I always tried to help Falta.” Charan then scolds him and says, “You will spare us. You stay happy in your married life. No need to think about us. Faltu paid a big price for coming here. Don’t make her life hell. Just go.” Ayan is sad.

Precap: Ayan leads in anger. Faltu’s BP drops. Ayan gets into an accident.

Faltu’s family is going through a difficult time. Charan and Pratap take Faltu to the hospital for her surgery. Ayan is also present there and he tries to talk to Charan. Charan scolds him and asks him to stay away from Faltu. Ayan is sad and leaves. Faltu is worried about her surgery but Charan and Pratap assure her that everything will be alright.

The nurse then asks Charan to sign the form. Charan leaves everything to God. Faltu cries and asks if she will recover. Charan and Pratap assure her that they will wait outside for her.

Tanisha and Sid give the money to the doctor. Tanisha then calls the doctor and lies about the donor. The doctor then sends the man away. Ayan then finds out about the donor and realizes that Tanisha and Sid are not involved.

Lajwanti is cooking for Falta. Jamuna is crying and Charan assures her that happy days will come soon. He then takes Falta away for the surgery.

Ayan then leads in anger. Faltu’s BP drops. Ayan gets into an accident.

The episode ends with Faltu’s family praying for her recovery. They are worried about Faltu and Ayan’s fate.

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