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Faltu 18 March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid seeing Falta walking from the balcony. He says Rocky is gathering girls in his room, I will see him in the morning. Faltu and the Chawla boys come to the pub. They see the girls leaving. We will not catch three, he says, but we will catch the leader, then our work will be done. She scares the girl. The girl was shocked to see her. Faltu says I will take you to police station, Vishal admitted the truth in the video, you will be jailed. The girl asks if he took my name. Faltu says yes, accept your crime. Girl says I didn’t do anything, let me go. They are going.

Faltu takes her to chal. She says I am back and have proof against you. The girl says you are lying. Faltu asks the boys to show Vishal’s video. The girl was shocked to see the video. Faltu says I will send you video later. The girl asks what you want. Faltu asks her to tell the truth. She says I will send video to media then your cricket career will be ruined. She scolds her. The girl says I will tell you the truth. She remembers Kanika’s words. She says Ayan gave me money. Faltu says its a lie, I will take you to police station. Girl says I am telling truth, Ayan did it, check my bank statement, you will know. Guy says she is scared, she won’t lie, she will get, accept that Ayaan did it, he took revenge on you. Faltu says: release her, let her go. The girl smiles and remembers Kanika’s words. She is leaving. Faltu says I will go to Mittal house. The guy asks what you have left there. She says I will go and get answers from Ayaan, he should answer me. Tanisha talks to Ayan and cries, missing her father. He consoles her.

She says papa sent you to take care of me, sorry you got upset too, I feel no matter who I love, he leaves me, so I feel for mum and you, if anyone leaves my life, I will die, either please don’t leave me She hugs him. Faltu is crying in his room. She says Ayan showed me big dreams and did this, he should tell me why he did this. Morning, Janardhan shouts Rocky. Everyone asks what happened. Faltu comes and asks him to say. Janardhan asks who are you and what is your status in this house. Faltu says I am a servant and cook food in the house. Janardhan asks do I need to remind you about this. Ayan asks what happened. Janardhan says ask him what was the girl doing in your room at night, I saw the girl jumping from the window of your room. He asks Rocky to come out. Ayan says there will be misunderstanding. Janardhan scolds Rocky. Dadi asks did any girl come to you. Sid says yes, even I saw it yesterday. Ayan asks who was she, was she your girlfriend? Faltu thinks, as I say, it was me. She says she was my girlfriend, she came to surprise me, sorry, I asked her not to come here. Dadi says ok be careful next time get back to work. Janardhan warns her. Ayaan says you should have told me, you can trust me. Faltu says it’s all about trust.

Ayan asks did you fight with Nita in the night. He says, I am struggling with fate, I don’t know what to do, I have work to do. She is leaving. Tanisha says that Faltu has reached the girls of the academy. Kanika says we framed Ayaan and Falta will not do anything. Tanisha says he went to office. Kanika says we have proof against him, how to refute it, money is transferred from his account. Ayaan goes to chal guys. He runs and catches them. He asks about Falta. They refuse to tell him.

Ayaan says I will take Falta. He creates a fake social media page for Falt. Shawl guy says Ayan came here to find you. Faltu is worried.

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