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Episode starts with Ajith saying I didn’t know you are from this family else I would have told you the truth. Ayan says many things have changed in Faltu’s life, she wanted to become a cricketer, the academy coach framed her and expelled her, I don’t want any more bad things to happen to her, help me, tell me what you know about her. Ajit says I don’t know the truth, she came to my hospital after losing her sight, she had sindoor, I asked her, but she wants to hide the name of the man who applied sindoor, she is possessive about it, she applies sindoor everyday. , how do you know her? Ayan says I showed her a dream that I will make her a cricketer, I broke her marriage and took her to Mumbai, I told her that I will support her, I never thought that I will be a hindrance for her. Ajit asks who filled sindoor in her maang. Faltu overhears them. Ayaan talks about the unhappy husband who couldn’t tell her that he loves her. Faltu asks if he is plotting against me. Ayan cries and leaves.

Faltu says my heart can’t accept that Ayaan can do this, I can’t trust Ayaan, I have to find another proof. Savita holds her and asks to keep the vegetables in the fridge. Faltu is leaving. She remembers Vishal’s words. Ayan gets angry and says you called my name sindoor, why did you suffer so much, just because I don’t feel pain, what I did for you. Faltu says you did a lot for me, you fought the world for me, you played this dirty game with me. Ayaan says you never blamed me, you bore everything alone, I am a fool, I don’t deserve you. She says I don’t deserve you, you look good with Tanisha, I moved away from you, I didn’t think you will snatch my happiness. He says I promise I will make you a cricketer, I will not let you suffer anything alone, I will be there for you because I love you Falta, I got to know this feeling late but not anymore. They call him. The man says that Vishal has returned home. Ayaan rushes and collides with Faltu. She leaves angrily. He asks why Rocky behaved rudely. Mishra comes. Ayan asks if everything is fine in the office. Mishra says yes, I have come to give you work files. Ayan says you have done well to get these documents, I will see them, thanks, I am busy with some work. Ayaan asks Falta to hand over the files to Tanisha, her imp. Faltu checks bank documents. Tanisha takes the files.

Faltu says I gave you this file. Tanisha asks her to leave. She says I took this file, I will be careful mom, don’t worry. Kanika says Ayan should not understand this. She scolds Vishal. She asks why did you go home. He says: I’m sorry, you spoke to me in anger. He asks her to do something before Faltu posts the video. Kanika asks the men to find out where Faltu is and where she lives. She asks Vishal to go underground. Vishal says he can give the video to the police or the media. She says no, she won’t do that, you took Ayaan’s name, she won’t disrespect him. He says she can go and ask him. She says leave it to me, I don’t want any nonsense, go and stay in a hotel. He leaves. Tanisha keeps the file. Faltu cries and asks why Ayan cheated me but I can’t blame him without finding proof. The man says that Vishal left the house. Ayan asks how he disappeared. The man says Rajan said he will contact Faltu to play another match.

Ayan says stay in touch and find out, I will see Vishal. Everyone is looking forward to visiting the farm. Faltu sees time and asks them to concentrate on food. She serves food. Dadi asks do you want to go somewhere. Faltu thinks that he should go and meet the girls from the academy. Tanisha asks why are you in hurry, do you want to go somewhere. Faltu says you shouldn’t talk while eating, Ayaan didn’t come and eat. Tanisha says he is late today, he came, serve him food. Faltu serves food. Sid asks why are you lost, is counseling not helping you. Ayaan gets angry with Sid and scolds him. Dadi asks what is this way of talking. Sid says its fine, I asked him because I am worried about him. Tanisha says I have to discuss the trip. Ayan asks for chutney. Faltu passes. The cup falls. Ayan asks why are you looking sad. Kinshuk says he needs to go and meet his girlfriend. Ayan says wow you are hiding things. Faltu says I don’t have GF. Ayan asks what happened to Rocky. She cries and thinks that my wrong decision can destroy many lives, I don’t understand what is happening. She is praying. She dresses up as Faltu to go meet the girls. She says no one will know about me. Sumitra asks Sid why he is drinking. Sid asks what should I do, I am losing my mind. She asks him to come with her. He says I don’t know where Faltu is hiding, my people can’t find her. He breaks the glass in anger. His hand is bleeding. She asks are you angry, will you get Tanu, if you get hurt, I will bring medicine, stay here. Sid says Falt has a cure for my wound, nothing will work until I find it, I don’t know where it is hiding. He was shocked to see Falta. He smiles.

Ayaan says I will take Falta. He creates a fake social media page for Falt. Shawl guy says Ayan came here to find you. Faltu is worried.

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