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Faltu 15th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Faltu saying that I am unlucky to get love. Suhana talks to her fans and leaves. Faltu sees a red ball. She thinks that I will also gift something to Ayan, something that he will like. Sid is writing a note. Sumitra comes. He says you scare me. She asks what are you doing. He says I got Valentine gift for Tanu. She says you are forgetting that Tanu is Ayaan’s wife and not yours, if anyone finds out, they will beat you, throw you out of the house. He says you are a lot of drama. He closes the door. He says Tanu is Ayaan’s wife, when Ayaan comes to know Faltu is his first wife, will he consider Tanu as his wife, when he leaves Tanu’s hand, I will take her hand. She asks will you tell everything to Ayaan today. He thinks.

Faltu is hiding from Savita. Savita says Kumkum and I are going to market to get gifts for our husbands. Dadi smiles and says you both are not old, I am not old either. Savita says you are youngest, we will be late. Dadi asks why Sumitra is not coming with you. Kumkum says we asked her, she has other plans. Dadi asks them to enjoy. Faltu smiles and thinks this is good, Savita goes, I can work well in kitchen. Faltu says I will make Ayan’s favorite paste, how will I make it. She watches a recipe video and prepares pasta. She tastes it and she likes it. Sid is waiting for Tanisha. Suhana says Ayan is doing everything in the best way, just look at this party. Faltu is coming. Ayan sets Tanisha up and surprises her. Tanisha says, “Wow Ayan, you did that for me, that’s so cute.” Tanisha gives him an expensive watch. Kinshuk asks where you got this limited edition watch from. Ayan says this is my favorite watch, how did you buy it. Tanisha says I made few calls and got it. He says I love it. She makes him wear it. She says I will buy the whole world for you, Ayan my love, I can’t imagine my life without you, I don’t want to do this. Tanisha asks him to dance. They dance on Raabti… Faltu imagines herself with Ayaan. She is sad and cries. She is leaving. Ayan looks on. Sid gets angry and says I promise, you both have to run away, this is your last dance together. Faltu sees her inner self, which asks her not to forget her limits. She says I don’t want to contact them. Her inner self says you can say that but I, your inner voice, I know you don’t want Ayan’s hate. Faltu covers his ears and cries. Ayaan is looking for Falta. She says she would trap someone. Sid comes and asks if you are looking for Falta. Ayan asks why should I look for her. Cid says you left the party and came here, it’s just that Faltu can understand you, I thought so. Tanisha comes. Sid says we were just talking. Ayaan considers Tanisha as my life partner, today I will accept her completely, she has done a lot for me, I will give her everything. Tanisha says: come to the dance. Ayan says I have a surprise for you, come with me to the room. Tanisha says I didn’t know you are so romantic. They are going. Sid says I can’t wait any longer, I have to do it now.

Ayan hugs Tanisha. Sid calls Ayaan and says you filled maang Falta. Ayan is shocked.

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